Four ultra-futuristic printers and scanners

How we will print and scan in the future

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3D scanning

We've seen plenty of devices that help you get designs out of a computer, but how about something to get 3D objects back in? Step in Ortery's [[xref:|Photosimile 5000|Ortery Web site: Photosimile 5000 3D scanner]], allegedly the world's first 3D scanner for the office. The Photosimile 5000 is essentially a big box that allows you to attach compatible Canon SLR cameras, and automatically takes a succession of photos. The product lies on a rotating turntable, giving you a full 360 degree view of the product.

The scanner is undoubtedly useful for product manufacturers everywhere (and it could even threaten the jobs of in-house product photographers). It even automatically creates a 3D animation of the product, though this has to be viewed using Ortery's proprietary software.

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Four ultra-futuristic printers and scanners

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