Best back-to-school deals: Prepaid mobile phones

Heading back to school or university? Need a new mobile phone, but don't want to break the bank? Find the best prepaid mobile deal!

  • 3: [[artnid:327787|INQ Mini 3G]]

    Price: $129

    The INQ Mini 3G is a social-networking phone. If you need to stay connected for a very low price, the INQ Mini 3G has access to Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and Skype. It doesn't have a great design but it offers excellent value for money at this price. 3 is selling the [[xref:|INQ Mini 3G for just $129]] and will throw in $10 worth of credit with the prepaid starter pack.
  • Virgin Mobile: [[artnid:276918|Nokia E63]]

    Price: $199

    Nokia's E63 is a cut-price version of the E71. It lacks HSDPA connectivity and built-in GPS but retains much of the Nokia E71's design, including a full QWERTY keyboard. If you're on a student budget and can live without super-fast mobile Internet speeds then it is definitely worth a look — the keyboard alone makes it great value. Virgin Mobile currently stocks the [[xref:|E63 for just $199]] and includes a bonus $25 Wish Gift Card that can be used at stores including Woolworths, Safeway, BWS, Dick Smith and Big W.

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  • Optus: Nokia 2730

    Price: $99

    The Nokia 2730 isn't a fully featured smartphone, but this stylish, entry-level handset is 3G-capable and fantastic value at this price. Nokia's 2730 offers a range of personal organiser functions in addition to an easy to use interface that most users can quickly grasp. Optus is currently offering the [[xref:|Nokia 2730 for just $99]], and if you buy it online you will receive 500 free SMS messages.
  • Vodafone: [[artnid:181958|Nokia 6300]]

    Price: $148

    An entry-level handset designed to do the basics, the Nokia 6300 is a stylish, well-designed mobile phone with a 2-megapixel camera, MP3 player and stereo FM radio. The features won't blow you away, but the stainless steel finish adds a touch of class. The controls are particularly impressive and provide excellent tactile feedback, while the keypad is well spaced and comfortable for typing long messages. Vodafone is currently selling the [[xref:|Nokia 6300 for $128]], which includes a Vodafone prepaid mobile starter pack and $300 worth of credit on the $29 flexi cap recharge.
  • Whether you're at school, university or TAFE, you'll most likely be heading back to your studies very soon. Christmas is over, and your holidays are soon coming to an unfortunate end — as is the little money you've got left in your wallet.

    A mobile phone can be a great help in your studies, whether it be to organise your busy schedule, send that important group e-mail or just to keep in touch. These days mobile phones are much more than devices that just make calls or send text messages. And, best of all, you don't have to break the bank to own one. We've rounded up the best prepaid mobile phone options from all the major Australian telcos — Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, 3 and Virgin Mobile.

    Telstra: [[artnid:269017|Samsung F480T]]

    Price: $299

    Samsung's F480T isn't a new model, but this touch-screen mobile phone is now available on prepaid. Telstra is [[xref:|offering it for $299]], which includes a Next G starter pack. Telstra isn't renowned for offering value for money, but it has the most reliable network in Australia. The F480T is a responsive touch-screen phone that features a number of handy personal organiser functions, making it easy to plan your life as a student. Telstra's prepaid plans are also surprisingly good value, with free minutes and free texts offered when you purchase $30 credit or more.
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