Meet the Apple iPad!

You've read the rumours for months, but now it's official: the Apple iPad is here.

  • The iPad runs a similar version of the iPhone OS, but some menus and layouts have been changed to suit the larger screen. Unfortunately, the iPad doesn't support true multitasking.

  • The iPad features a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a regular Apple dock connector, but there are no standard USB ports. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are standard features on the base model, and the second model adds 3G connectivity.

  • The iPad is an eBook reader thanks to the iBooks app, a free download off the App Store. You can purchase books from the iBookstore and books are stored on a virtual bookshelf, as shown above.

  • The iPad is just 13.4mm thin and weighs 680g (Wi-Fi only model) or 730g (Wi-Fi and 3G model).

  • Like the iPhone and iPod Touch, the iPad has a built-in accelerometer and many iPad apps will take advantage of this technology, such as games. The iPad also includes the iWork productivity suite, with redesigned Keynote, Pages, and Numbers applications, though these have to be purchased from the App Store.

  • You've read the rumours for months, but now it's official: the Apple iPad has landed. Described by Apple as "the best way to experience the Web, e-mail, photos and videos," the Apple iPad looks rather like an oversized iPod Touch. Check out the images of this hotly anticipated device!

    The Apple iPad has a 9.7in LED-backlit IPS display and supports multitouch. Its design is based on the iPod Touch, with a large, black border surrounding the screen.

  • The home screen of the Apple iPad. You can customise the screen by adding your favourite apps or Web sites (similar to the [[artnid:309245|iPhone]]), but unlike the iPhone you can use your own photos for the background.

  • The iPad will run 140,000 standard iPhone and iPod Touch apps from the iTunes app store, but there will also be apps available that have been designed specifically for the iPad's larger form factor.

  • The iPad has a range of optional accessories available, including a keyboard dock and a leather case.

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  • The iPad can also handle movies purchased from the App Store, but the screen has a maximum resolution of 1024x768.

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