26 best console games on iPhone

A look at 26 different titles on the iPhone and Android that gamers would consider "real" video games. Familiar franchises and known names that are a little more than the usual casual fare

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The Secret of Monkey Island

Not content to release a straight port of the first game in the much-beloved Monkey Island series, LucasArts went all out, delivering a remastered Special Edition with a new musical score, new art, and full voiceovers. Much like the recently released Xbox Live Arcade version of The Secret of Monkey Island, the best part of this edition of the point-and-click classic is the ability to see what it looked like in the past; at any point in the game a simple two-finger swipe across the screen will cause the newly updated art and remastered audio to fade away and the game's original graphics will appear. This is a feature that those who remember the nearly 20-year-old PC game will find themselves using again and again. The good news for those fans is that they shouldn't worry that they're purchasing a second-hand product, as the iPhone version is roughly equivalent to the Xbox Live Arcade release.

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