iPhone apps: the top 10 of 2009

Our favourite apps from the past year

  • [[Xref;|NearCinema|iTunes App Store: NearCinema iPhone app]]

    Price: $1.19

    Cinema Web sites are rarely smartphone-friendly, and even Event Cinema's dedicated iPhone app, [[xref:|Pocket Cinema|iTunes App Store: Pocket Cinema iPhone app]] is a little unreliable for our tastes. However, third-party app [[xref:|NearCinema|iTunes App Store: NearCinema iPhone app]] provides all the session times for cinemas in your area. The GPS feature didn't always work and it can confuse locations in Australia with ones in the US, but the app is still useful when trying to peruse movie sessions.
  • [[xref:|Tweetie 2|iTunes App Store: Tweetie 2 iPhone app]]

    Price: $3.99

    In the never-ending search for the perfect iPhone Twitter client, Tweetie's second iteration seems ever so close. [[xref:|Tweetie 2's|iTunes App Store: Tweetie 2 iPhone app]] beautiful user interface and ease of use make it so much easier to broadcast the banalities of your daily life to your crowd of uncaring followers.
  • [[xref:|Cellar|iTunes App Store: Cellar iPhone app]]

    Price: $3.99

    If you own more wine than you can keep track of, the Australian developed [[xref:|Cellar app|iTunes App Store: Cellar iPhone app]] should be on your purchase list. With enough customisation to suit any bottle you happen to own, a wishlist, a garage (for wines you loved) and a trashcan (for wines you don't), the latest version of Cellar is very flexible. The app even lets you create tasting notes and pair each wine with cuisine.

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  • [[xref:|ABC|iTunes App Store: Australian Broadcasting Corporation iPhone app]]

    Price: Free

    The [[xref:|ABC's iPhone app|iTunes App Store: Australian Broadcasting Corporation iPhone app]] came along early in 2009, allowing users to quickly access news stories and podcasts. Since its release the app has had a number of updates and numerous feature additions like the ability to stream video from ABC TV shows. It's not as extensive as the iView service, but if you're a fan of the government broadcaster it's a great way to kill a few minutes and catch up on missed shows.
  • [[xref:|Business Card Reader|iTunes

    Price: $7.99

    As journalists (or gadget lovers pretending to be journalists), we're constantly swamped with business cards. We could put them in a rolodex, of course, but it's the 21st century, right? That's why we're particularly fond of the [[xref:|Business Card Reader app|iTunes App Store: Business Card Reader iPhone app]], which uses OCR software to digitise information on a business card. When used in good lighting it's surprisingly accurate, and it even figures out which information goes where in the iPhone's contact information fields. You may need to intervene occasionally but, otherwise, it's a great way to painlessly insert a contact into your iPhone.
  • [[xref:|Where's Wally?|iTunes App Store: Where's Wally? iPhone app]]

    Price: $3.99

    Everyone's favourite disappearing man in the stripy clothes recently made it to the iPhone in spectacular fashion. If, like us, you remember those lengthy sessions in the school library looking for Wally (that's Waldo to those of you across the Pacific), the [[xref:|Where's Wally? iPhone game|iTunes App Store: Where's Wally? iPhone app]] should prove a treat. The experience is a little different on the iPhone; you never see the whole puzzle at once, but instead look for specific characters or events in a sectioned-off area of the map. The random appearance of Wally's foe Odlaw makes the iPhone game a little more unpredictable than the books.
  • [[xref:|Best Camera|iTunes App Store: Best Camera iPhone app]]

    Price: $3.99

    Developed in collaboration with renowned photographer Chase Jarvis, the [[xref:|Best Camera iPhone app|iTunes App Store: Best Camera iPhone app]] provides 14 image filters to edit your iPhone photos. Sure, there are plenty of apps that give you similar abilities — some are even free — but Best Camera is one of our favourites. Filters like "Jewel," "Paris," and "Candy" make photos more vibrant and much easier on the eye.
  • [[xref:|Gorillacam|iTunes App Store: Gorillacam iPhone app]]

    Price: Free

    Inspired by Joby — the company that brought you the [[xref:|Gorillapod|Joby Web site: Gorillapod camera tripod]] camera tripod — [[xref:|Gorillacam|iTunes App Store: Gorillacam iPhone app]] quickly replaced the standard Camera app on our iPhones. Sure, it can't record video, but the ability to press anywhere on the screen to take a photo makes it that much easier to create those Facebook-style self-portraits. Add to that a grid, bubble level and three-shot burst features, and you have a feature-rich app that should squeeze a little more functionality out of your iPhone's camera.
  • [[xref:|Flickr|iTunes App Store: Flickr iPhone app]]

    Price: Free

    If you have an account with Flickr — one of the Internet's largest photo-sharing networks — the [[xref:|Flickr app|iTunes App Store: Flickr iPhone app]] is a great way to keep up with your contacts' latest photos and recent activity. It's also useful if you want to show your friends a snapshot you've just taken.
  • [[xref:|Bluetooth Photo Share|iTunes App Store: Bluetooth Photo Share]]

    Price: Free

    While the iPhone has always had Bluetooth, its capabilities have been somewhat limited. Sure, you can pair A2DP speakers and Bluetooth headsets, and even play multiplayer games, but the simple ability to transfer files between phones is still missing. Enter [[xref:|Bluetooth Photo Share|iTunes App Store: Bluetooth Photo Share iPhone app]], which lets you transfer photos and even contacts between iPhones. It isn't compatible with other handsets, but it does mean you won't have to jailbreak your iPhone to add such a basic feature.
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