Gadget gifts for geek girls: 15 creative ideas

Cool gadgets she's probably not expecting -- but will love

  • For the woman who has a lot going on, the Audiovox Digital Message Center can provide a centralized command-post with a personalized touch. The gadget features a built-in microphone for note-recording, an erasable white-board, a magnetic board for notes and coupons, and a Post-It notepad holder. That's all accented by a 7-inch LCD digital picture frame that holds up to 125 high-resolution photos. Smile!

  • Let your ladyfriend come to her senses with a pocket-sized USB aromatherapy diffuser. The device looks just like a regular flash drive. Instead of holding data, though, it holds a drop or two of scented oil. Once plugged into a computer, it heats the oil and sends a delightful scent into the air. I detect the scent of a successful gift?

  • Technology should make life easier, and that's just what the SmartShopper Deluxe aims to do. The fridge-sticking device lets you (and anyone else in your home) compile a grocery list simply by saying what you need. You tap a button, say "bananas," and the SmartShopper Deluxe remembers it. At the end of the week, you hit a print button and the gadget spits out an easy-to-read, alphabetized list of everything you've said. FYI, in case you get this: We're out of chocolate pudding. Please put it on the list.

  • Say so-long to stacks of chargers and messy wires with the PowerMat portable charging mat. The PowerMat, a recent innovation, charges most any device wirelessly: All you do is set your phone, MP3 player, or whatever else down on the surface. The PowerMat magnetically fills your gadgets with juice -- and it does it in less time than their own adaptors would require.

  • For the girl who likes to sing in the shower, check out Zadro's iSing Wireless Radio. The gadget wirelessly transmits tunes from your PC, MP3 player, CD player or TV to its waterproof interface, letting you stream music while enjoying a steady stream of hot water. The iSing has a 100-foot range. It features four speakers and even has a lighted fog-free mirror for your viewing pleasure.

  • Don't forget this gift for the girl who's always forgetting her keys. The Wireless Key Finder provides you with a small colored ring for your keychain. When the keys disappear, you press the button on the main transmitter and listen for the loud beeping. The Wireless Key Finder can sound its alarm from as far as 60 feet away. It works through walls, floors, and yes -- even sofa cushions. The device comes with two separate receivers, so you can attach the extra one to anything else regularly lost (except for maybe your sanity).

  • Encourage your girl to get her groove on with the Logitech Squeezebox Radio, a high-tech stereo that streams music anywhere in your house. The Squeezebox hooks up to your Wi-Fi connection and gathers tunes from every PC on the network. It also connects to online music services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, and Slacker, letting you rock out to a limitless playlist regardless of what room you're in.

  • If your better-half is a frequent laptop user, take a look at the Targus Lap Chill Mat. The mat has a set of built-in fans that keep legs cool and computers ventilated (something a pillow under the laptop doesn't do). It connects to the laptop via USB for power. The Lap Chill Mat is built for ergonomic support and is even cushiony, ensuring it'll be completely comfortable on your lady's lap.

  • Warning: The following gift may result in hours of loud and potentially annoying singing. But if you can live with that, you might soon hear her singing your praises. The MP3 Recording Karaoke Player by Hammacher Schlemmer lets you skip the specially formatted karaoke discs and instead grab tracks directly from your own MP3 collection. The device can lower or fully mute the original vocals, and it even loads lyrics off of the Internet for you. As its name suggests, the MP3 Recording Karaoke Player records as you sing, creating new MP3s with you on lead vocals. Just please, for everyone else's sake, keep those files to yourself.

  • Help your lady keep warm when you aren't around with these USB-powered heated gloves. The G-Gloves -- the "G" is for "girl" -- plug into any USB port and immediately start to defrost frozen fingers. The gloves have an adjustable warming pad inside and feature an open-finger design for easy typing.

  • Don't be fooled by the cute design: The Vestalife Ladybug iPod dock packs some serious power. The trendy-looking system has dual "wings" that open up to reveal solid speakers with built-in subwoofers and a digital amplifier. Just drop any iPod in and start jammin' in style. The Ladybug can run on either batteries or AC power.

  • Turn your sweetie's television-watching into a magical experience with Kymera's Harry Potter-esque Magic Wand Remote Control. The wand lets you control your TV by swishing and flicking: One gesture changes the channel, another adjusts the volume, and so on. It's a can't-miss gift for any girl who secretly wishes she were at Hogwarts -- and, best of all, you don't even have to travel to Diagon Alley to get it.

  • 'Tis the start stressing over what to buy your wife or girlfriend. Let's face it, fellas: We rarely know what women want. The holiday season is no exception. If you haven't picked a present by now, I'm assuming you're in the same boat as the rest of us. Not to worry, though: Help has arrived. We've scoured the Web to find 15 fun and original gadget gift ideas for the lady in your life. Now, I may know a thing or two about technology. I don't even pretend, however, to understand what goes on in the mind of the fairer sex. That's why I've assembled a panel of 30 tech-loving ladies to help guide our tour and provide female perspective along the way. You'll see their thoughts and comments after each gift idea.

  • Who wouldn't want an alarm clock you can talk to? Moshi -- yes, that's its name -- is a voice-controllable digital clock that's as sleek as it is practical. You activate voice commands by saying "Hello, Moshi." Then, you tell the clock what you want, saying "set alarm," "night light," or any of the other 10 handy commands. Unfortunately, "make me waffles" is not an option.

  • Safety and style collide with the BlueAnt Bluetooth Car Kit, a cool gift for any woman who spends time behind the wheel. The BlueAnt clips onto your car's visor and then functions as a voice-controlled Bluetooth speakerphone: You simply say "answer" when a call comes in, and you're connected. Dialing out requires only pressing one button and then speaking aloud the name or number. The gizmo even lets you play music from your phone through its speaker, and it can connect to up to two phones at the same time. That's kinda romantic, right?

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