11 video game T-shirts you'd actually wear

These 11 video game T-shirts are actually kinda cool.

  • [[xref:|Mario Bros. Plumbing|Mario Bros. Plumbing]], (US$20). Pleasantly understated in a retro way, this one's not obviously a video game shirt to the untrained eye. Well, apart from Mario and Luigi being there in the top left, but at least they're not bright red and bright green like they usually are. Definitely one where it only sinks in what it is on that oh-so-important second glance.

  • [[xref:|A Simple Plan|A Simple Plan]], from Threadless (US$12 in the holiday sale right now). As a basic rule of thumb, Space Invaders shirts are always awesome. Sure, there are a number of them out there that overdo things a bit, but this one is nicely designed, plus it's a little bit funny.

  • [[xref:|Party Like it's 1985|Party Like it's 1985]], (US$20). OK, we'll concede that this one is a little bit nerdy, but it's old-school nerdy so that's totally cool, right? Plus, given recent events you can use it as a conversation starter. "Of course, I played Super Mario Bros. in its original form, and it was a vastly superior experience to New Super Mario Bros. Wii."

  • [[xref:|48" Noby|48" Noby]], (US$24.95). In case you feel threatened by the full 48" of Noby Noby, you can also get a 12" version in a variety of colors. If you want to get really crazy, there's a 144" mess of Noby too. But that one just looks like someone scribbled all over the front of a perfectly good shirt with a big pink marker.

  • [[xref:|Mosaic Triforce|Mosaic Triforce]], from (US$20). It's a Triforce shirt that...get made up of hundreds of little Triforces. Hey, we thought that was pretty neat. It's worth noting that 80stees are currently only carrying adult small, XL and 2XL sizes of this shirt.

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  • There are an awful lot of video game related shirts (and other merchandise for that matter) that you probably wouldn't be seen dead in, but these 11 shirts are actually kinda cool.

    We'd all be far more willing to display our love for video games through sartorial choice if the vast majority of the shirts out there weren't so embarrassing, right? With the gift-giving season ahead, here are 11 different gaming-themed shirts that you can pick up right now and would actually want to be seen dead in. Maybe now's the time to start dropping some holiday gift hints?

  • [[xref:|History of Zelda|History of Zelda]], from Zazzle (US$20). This one's got a little bit of everything. It's got sprites, it's got line art of the cartridge, it's got a variety of pieces of Link artwork, it's got Triforces (which are always cool, as has already been established) and it's all tastefully arranged in such a way that at first glance, it's not obviously a game shirt. Mission accomplished.

  • [[xref:|They're Real!|They're Real!]] from Threadless (US$12 in the holiday sale). See? What did we say? Space Invaders shirts? Cool. This one, particularly so. Note that Threadless shirts are all produced in limited runs - so if you want one and they have your size, pounce on it. This shirt is currently only available in "medium" in guys' sizes.

  • [[xref:|Katamari Dripping Prince|Katamari Dripping Prince]], from (US$24.95). One of a number of very tastefully-designed Katamari shirts that are currently on offer from Panic. If you're not a fan of brown, it's also available in the far more delightful-sounding "heather."

  • [[xref:|Triforce Explosion|Triforce Explosion]], from Zazzle (US$16.95). The Triforce just works on a t-shirt, right? Especially when it's presented in such a nicely understated way. Obviously the beanie is an optional accessory.

  • [[xref:|Family Tree|Family Tree]], from Nerdy Shirts (US$19.97). A little dorky, perhaps - but it's dorky in a cool way. Knowing your Nintendo history is always important, and what better way to educate those around you than in t-shirt form?

  • [[xref:|The Revenge of Yars|The Revenge of Yars]], from Zazzle (US$19.45). What do you mean you don't know what Yars' Revenge is? OK. Quick history lesson: It was a game for the Atari 2600 released in 1981. You played a "Yar" and had to shoot your Zorlon Cannon repeatedly in order to destroy the evil Qotile, which existed on the other side of a force field barrier thing. The Yar race and the planet Razak (where everything took place) were named after Ray Kassar, the CEO of Atari at the time. Got that? Lesson over. The thing on this shirt? It's from the game.

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