Best Christmas deals: Prepaid mobile broadband

A mobile broadband package may just be the gift you've been looking for!

  • Telstra prepaid wireless broadband

    Price: $129 or $179

    [[xref:|Telstra]] may not offer the best value, but you do get what you pay for — the biggest network in Australia, with the best speeds and coverage. Telstra has two options for prepaid wireless broadband: $129 gets you the MF626 USB modem, while $179 gives you the Turbo USB modem, the latter providing up to 7.2Mbps download speeds compared to the MF626's 3.6Mbps. Both include 75MB of data to start, but Telstra will also give you 1GB of bonus data if you activate your new service before 31 December, and will double your data allowance if you recharge $40 or more before the same date. The expiry date for all recharge amounts is 30 days but if you recharge before 30 days, your credit expiry date is re-set to 30 days from the date of recharge. Recharge options are $20 (150MB), $30 (225MB), $40 (300MB), $50 (625MB) and $60 (750MB), $80 (3.5GB) and $100 (6GB).
  • [[artnid:302374|3 prepaid mobile broadband]]

    Price: $89

    3 offers three different USB modems for prepaid wireless broadband, but our favorite is the [[xref:|E160]]. Though its technical specifications suggest it is inferior to 3's other offerings, in practice its throughput speeds and Next G compatibility make for a great wireless broadband modem. For a limited time only, you can pick up the E160 modem for $89. It doesn't include any credit, but recharge options are reasonable: $15 (500MB), $29 (2GB) and $49 (4GB) recharges lasting 30 days and a $149 (12GB) recharge lasting a full 12 months.

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  • All four major Australian telcos (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3) offer prepaid wireless broadband. In addition to some great deals being offered in the lead-up to Christmas, prepaid wireless broadband offers the flexibility of no contract. This means there are no worries about exceeding your data quota, or worrying about not using your device as much in a particular month — just recharge whenever you need to!

    To help find you the best deal to suit your needs, we rounded up prepaid mobile broadband packages from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3 this Christmas!

    [[artnid:257813|Vodafone prepaid mobile broadband]]

    Price: $99

    [[xref:|Vodafone]] was one of the first in Australia to introduce prepaid mobile broadband, and the company's current offer gets you a prepaid USB modem and 1GB of data for just $99. Of course, there are no monthly bills and no lock-in contract and Vodafone also allows you to roll over 12GB of unused data if you recharge within 30 days of your last recharge. Recharge options are $19 (500MB), $29 (1GB), $49 (3GB), $100 (6GB) and $150 (12GB).
  • [[artnid:303537|Optus prepaid wireless broadband]]

    Price: $99

    Optus offers a similar prepaid broadband deal to Vodafone &8212; $99 gets you a prepaid starter pack that includes a USB 3G modem and, if you purchase and activate the service online, 1GB of data (otherwise you get 200MB). All data has a 30-day expiry and is unfortunately counted in 10MB increments, including uploads and downloads. Optus will, however, roll over up to 10GB of unused data if you recharge within14, 29, 59 or 185 days, depending on the value and expiry of your last recharge. Optus also has a maximum data allowance at any time of 10GB. Recharge options vary with $15 (500MB) and $20 (650MB) recharges lasting 15 days, $30 (1GB), $40 (2GB) and $50 (3GB) recharges lasting 30 days, and $70 (4GB) and $100 (6GB) recharges lasting 60 days. Optus also offers long life recharges that last up to 186 days — $80 (4GB) and $130 (8GB).
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