Christmas bargains: best online deals for GPS units

Grab a navigation bargain in the lead-up to Christmas!

  • Navigon 1400

    Price: $227 (Save: $2)

    Navigon may not be as well known as the likes of TomTom, Garmin and Mio, but this German company knows how to provide good value. The Navigon 1400 has a 3.5-inch touch screen, MyRoutes, spoken street names, safety alerts and a new pedestrian mode that directs you to your exact destination when you park your car. The Navigon 1400 was only released last week, but you'll save $2 off the RRP when you buy it from [[xref:]]. Two dollars doesn't sound like much, but hey, every dollar counts at Christmas time.
  • Navman MY30

    Price: $222.50 (Save: $26.50)

    Navman has just slashed the RRPs of its range of MY units. Despite the Navman MY30 being an entry-level GPS unit, it includes lane guidance and 3D junction views. We aren't fans of the overzealous school zone warnings and the small display, but the Navman MY30 is good value. Cheaper Than Retail is currently selling the Navman MY30 [[xref:|for $222.50]], a saving of $26.50 off the RRP.

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  • With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start your long shopping list. We can hear you grinding your teeth already — we hate the Christmas shopping crowds too. So why not beat the retail rush and grab a great bargain by shopping online?

    Whether it’s for your husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter or just a close friend, a GPS unit is a great gift at Christmas time. It's useful for all types of drivers, from those who spend hours on the road a day, to those who spend an hour a week in the car.

    The latest GPS units can do so much more than just act as a glorified street directory — offering live traffic capabilities, lane guidance and Bluetooth hands-free functionality.

    We've rounded up great value GPS units that will make fantastic Christmas gifts.

    Garmin nuvi 1260

    Price: $297 (Save: $52)

    Budget GPS units like the [[artnid:319440|Garmin's nuvi 1260|Review: Garmin nuvi 1260]] generally have smaller displays than more expensive devices. Thanks to its simple interface, though, the nuvi 1260 fares better than many other cheap GPS units. It's the only entry-level model currently on the market with Bluetooth hands-free capabilities, and it also has text-to-speech technology. You can pick it up from [[xref:|Officeworks|Officeworks -- Garmin nuvi 1260 GPS unit]], which is selling the nuvi 1260 online for $297, a saving of $52 off the RRP!
  • Mio Moov A350

    Price: $179 (Save: $20)

    The [[artnid:319007|Mio Moov A350|Review: Mio Moov A350]] is yet another budget GPS unit that sacrifices size for affordability, coming with a rather small 3.5in touch screen. The Moov A350 is significantly cheaper than most other GPS units. Built-in safety alerts, 1GB of memory and an impressive two-year warranty make the Moov A350's flaws easy to live with. You can pick it up from [[xref:|Clive Peeters|Clive Peeters – Mio Moov A350 GPS unit]] for $179, a saving of $20 off the RRP.
  • TomTom Start

    Price: $194.85 (Save: $4.15) or $187 (Save: $12)

    Before you snigger at the savings of $12 or $4.15, bear with us for a moment. [[artnid:326923|TomTom's Start|Review: TomTom Start GPS unit]] is the Dutch company's cheapest GPS ever and it's literally just hit the stores. The Start is an entry-level GPS with basic features, but still boasting TomTom's IQ Routes technology, an EasyPort mounting system and TomTom's latest map guarantee. The TomTom Start also has spoken street names and preinstalled speed and red light camera alerts. A fantastic Christmas gift, you have two options to grab a bargain. Firstly, Dick Smith is currently [[xref:|slashing $12 off the RRP]], which is a good deal considering it just hit the shelves! Alternatively [[xref:|Ryda is saving you $4.15]] but is also throwing in a GPS carry pouch and a screen protector (apparently valued at $59.90).
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