The world's most extreme laptops

Some laptops will give you a hernia, while others will fit in a coat pocket. Some cost a day's pay--others, half a year's. Here are the outliers of the notebook world.

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The Best Laptop for a Sunny Day

Name: [[xref:|GYY|GYY]]

Price: about $220

Availability: Now, in Europe

Extreme spec: First solar-powered laptop

Reasons to love it: Committed environmentalists say that sometimes you have to suffer for Mother Earth. In the case of the GYY, your suffering will likely take the form of waiting endlessly. With a paltry 128MB of RAM and a 400MHz MIPS processor, this laptop is less powerful than some smartphones. And its 8-inch screen is puny even by netbook standards.

But you can do all that waiting outside, while the power of the sun replenishes the GYY’s battery and you reflect on all the good you’re doing for the planet. Plus, once you finally can’t take it anymore and you decide to buy a more powerful notebook, you’ll sleep well knowing that the GYY’s casing is made from biodegradable materials such as starch, cellulose, or corn flour. That’s a look we've seen before in [[xref:|laptops from Fujitsu|Fujitsu Laptop with Biodegradable Chassis]]. And at least a clear conscience won’t cost you too much: Spanish manufacturer iUnika offers the GYY in Europe for about $220. We've heard no word, however, on when it will be coming to the United States.

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The world's most extreme laptops

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