In Pictures: FL Studio 9

FL Studio 9 is out with a host of new tweaks and innovations

  • FL Studio 9's playlist window now allows channel buttons and clip tracks to be embellished with buttons. The product ships with a nice light vocal trance track called "Just Hold On" (pictured) leaving little doubt who the target audience is for the product.

  • FL Studio 9 ships with over thirty soft synths covering acoustic and synthetic bass, electric guitar, multi-sampler tools including piano & strings, general sample playback and beat-slicing.

  • What do Daft Punk, Cher and Air have in common? Gratuitous and unabashed use of vocoders! Now you too can join their lofty, warbly ranks with Vocodex, which ships free with the FL Producer Edition.

  • The mixer offers 104 stereo tracks and like previous versions you can route anything to just about anything else, giving you incredible creative control.

  • If you're feeling the need for a little inspiration, the new random sequence generating Riff Machine feature will kick things along with options like "Roll the Dice". Luke Rheinhart lives!

  • FL9 ships with a demo version of Ogun, an additive synth with metallic, shimmering timbres.

  • FL Studio 9's playlist window now has easier-to-grab handles for on the fly tweaking of panning, volume, pitch, X and Y modulation and so on.

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