Five reasons to stick with Xbox 360 -- and five reasons to ditch it for a PS3

Can't decide whether to trade in your Xbox 360 for a PS3 Slim? Read this...

  • Five reasons to keep your Xbox 360 — and five reasons to ditch it for a PS3 Slim

    Whether you’re a fanatical Sony fanboy or a staunch Xbox 360 loyalist, one thing is impossible to deny: the [[artnid:315374|re-priced, redesigned PlayStation 3|Sony announces slimmer, lighter PlayStation 3]] is a big deal. Suddenly, the world’s most prohibitively expensive console has become a lot more affordable; just 50 clams more than the [[artnid:192975|Xbox 360 Elite|Review: Xbox 360 Elite]] to be exact. The Sony faithful are already rattling their sabres and declaring the console war won — and if [[artnid:317626|last week’s PS3 sales are anything to go by|Has Sony Won The Console War?]], they may actually have a point. One thing's for sure; if you’re an Xbox 360 owner, the question “should I make the switch?” has never been more relevant.

    In an ideal world, everyone would own a PS3 Slim and an Xbox 360 — thus having the best of both worlds. Since we’re fantasising, you might as well throw in a [[artnid:298044|Nintendo DSi|Review: Nintendo DSi]], [[artnid:199113|iPod Touch|Review: iPod Touch]], [[artnid:196495|PSP Go|Review: PSP Go]] and [[artnid:171518|Nintendo Wii|Review: Nintendo Wii]] (y'know, for the girlfriend). Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. A lot of us can only afford one console per generation — if we want something new, we have to trade in our current machine. Which brings us back to the original question: should Xbox 360 owners make the switch?

    If you're still umming-and-ahhing, here are five compelling reasons to keep your Xbox 360 — and five reasons to ditch it for a PS3 Slim. After perusing the following slides, you should be able to make up your own mind!
  • Reasons To Keep The Xbox 360 #1: Xbox Live – Everyone’s Invited!

    Xbox Live is the best online gaming service in history; period. Sony has a long way to go before it can hope to match Microsoft’s stellar benchmark in this area. If you love online gaming (and who doesn’t?) you need Xbox Live — it's as plain and simple as that.
  • The PlayStation Network might have a funkier logo, but it's a poor man's Xbox Live, to be sure.

  • Reasons To Ditch The Xbox 360 #1: RROD

    To begin, let’s get the criminally obvious (and downright criminal) out of the way — without a doubt, the Red Ring of Death is the main reason to trade in your Xbox 360 for a PS3. Whether you believe the [[xref:|54.2 per cent failure rate rumours or not|Microsoft Responds to 54.2% Xbox 360 Failure Rate Claim, Doesn't Dispute It -- Gizmodo]], the fact remains that the Xbox 360 is a very unreliable console. Sure, the five-year extended warranty might be generous, but what happens after your console reaches this milestone? The prospect of dusting off your Xbox 360 for a quick retro fix down the road seems depressingly unlikely (meanwhile, our 30-year old Atari 2600 is still going strong).

    While there are no concrete facts about the PS3’s failure rate, it is definitely a more stable machine than the Xbox 360. If you want a console that will last beyond its warranty, go for the Atari 2600. Er, we mean the PlayStation 3.
  • When gaming sites start running [[artnid:203866|How To Fix Your Xbox With A Towel]] tutorials, you know something's not quite right.

  • Reasons To Keep The Xbox 360 #2: Endorsed by Master Chief

    Bungie may no longer be clinging to Microsoft’s coattails, but don't expect to see a Halo game on the PlayStation 3 any time soon (i.e. -- Microsoft retains the rights to the franchise). In other words, if you want to play Halo, you need an Xbox 360.

    Without a doubt, [[artnid:193504|Halo 3|Review: Halo 3]] remains the best futuristic multiplayer FPS on any console. Sure, there are some decent substitutes on the PS3, but it’s like going from the pure, smooth taste of a cigarette to a flavourless Nicorette patch. Are you really sure you want to give that up?
  • In addition to Halo 3, we also have [[artnid:314191|Halo 3: ODST|Review: Halo 3: ODST]] to look forward to.

  • Reasons To Ditch The Xbox 360 #2: No Blu-ray player

    ...Another one for the ‘obvious’ pile. As we noted in a previous article, [[artnid:316593|the PS3 Slim essentially throws in a Blu-ray player for an extra $50|Get a Blu-ray player for $50 (kinda)]] when compared to the RRP of the Xbox 360 Elite. Regardless of where your loyalties lie, that’s a pretty amazing deal.

    If you're already planning to upgrade to the Blu-ray format, the PS3 Slim is the obvious choice. Hell, even if you don’t give two hoots about Blu-ray, it makes sense to future-proof your home entertainment system. ...Or maybe you’d prefer to stick with VHS?
  • Blu-ray on PS3: bringing shiny, happy people together since 2006.

  • Reasons To Keep The Xbox 360 #3: Born in the USA

    If you live in North America – or are one of its lickspittle Allies – then the Xbox 360’s ‘homegrown’ status is definitely appealing. The USA has been out of the console race since Atari ran out of steam in the late 1980s, so it’s refreshing to see an all-American David take on the industry’s Nippon Goliaths for a change (er, unless you’re Japanese).

    Mind you, [[xref:|when you consider that Microsoft’s manufacturing plants are all off-shore|Microsoft to open new manufacturing plant in China –]], it becomes something of a hollow victory – a dud Patriot missile, if you will. Nevertheless, if you’re one of those guys who insist on supporting Ford over Toyota, then the Xbox 360 is definitely the console for you. Yeeee-haw!
  • The Xbox 360 vs. PS3: it's like Iwo Jima all over again.

  • Reasons To Ditch The Xbox 360 #3: Xbox Live Gold(digger)

    As fantastic as Xbox Live Gold is, we really wish we didn’t have to pay for the privilege. When you add up the subscription fees over the years, it starts to become a bit of a rip-off — especially compared to the PlayStation Network, which is completely free. If you’ve been a Gold member since the console’s launch in 2006, you’ve essentially handed over an additional $400 for online gaming (make that $529 if you’re using a wireless adaptor, but we wont go there). Either way, that’s a lot of money that could have been spent on games. If you’re a stickler for value, go for the PS3 Slim.
  • Reasons To Keep The Xbox 360 #4: Project Natal

    Project Natal might seem like an odd choice for this list, but we remain optimistically excited nonetheless. At E3 ‘09, Microsoft’s motion sensing peripheral [[artnid:305498|easily blew Sony and Nintendo’s efforts out of the water|Microsoft announces future controller for Xbox 360]]. The lack of a controller of any kind – coupled with intriguing A.I routines – has left us suitably pumped to get our hands on the gadget. There’s also the promise of [[artnid:315230|modern ‘re-imaginings’ of classic Rare titles|Rare to bring back classic franchises on Natal]] to get excited about: Natal Jetpac anyone?

    It might turn out to be a gimmicky Wii-wannabe, but it could also be the future of gaming. If you ditch your Xbox 360 now, you could be missing out on a revolution.
  • Project Natal: scoring a hat trick at E3 2009.

  • Reasons To Ditch The Xbox 360 #4: It ain’t pretty

    Let’s face it: the Xbox 360 isn’t the best looking console on the block. Whether you go for the original vanilla iteration or its premium matt black sibling, it’s a bit of a stone cold minger — and that’s before you take the brick-sized power supply unit into account. As the centerpiece of a home theatre system, it looks kind of laughable.

    By contrast, the Sony PlayStation 3 is a marvel of modern engineering (George Foreman Grill comparisons be damned). While the original model was, shall we say, ‘generously proportioned’, its successor is every bit as lithe as its Xbox 360 rival — and a whole lot sexier to boot. If you care about the aesthetics in your lounge room, go for the PS3 Slim.
  • Here's the PlayStation 3 Slim, Xbox 360 Elite and original PS3 stacked on top of each other. (For the full effect, imagine the Xbox 360's big ugly power supply unit plonked on top.)

  • Reasons to keep The Xbox 360 #5: Your game collection!

    This is probably the most compelling reason to stick with the Xbox 360. Chances are, you’ve built up quite a collection of games by now, including exclusive Xbox 360-titles like [[artnid:200508|Mass Effect|Review: Mass Effect]] and [[artnid:265994|Gears of War 2|Review: Gears of War 2]]. If you trade in your console for a PS3, you basically have to start from scratch. With PS3 games costing up to $120 a pop, this is a pretty serious investment; especially this late into the console’s life cycle. If you own more than a handful of Xbox 360 games, save your money and stick with Microsoft.
  • Incidentally, a free prize goes to the first person who names every game in this photo. (Send answers to

  • Reasons To Ditch The Xbox 360 #5: Console lifespan

    Cast your mind back to the launch of the Xbox 360 in 2006. It was a time of excitement and jubilation… unless you happened to be an Xbox owner, that is. Barely four years into the original black box’s existence, Microsoft opted to jump the gun with its next-gen offering; casting aside thousands of loyal Xbox owners in the process. As a consequence, the entire industry turned its back on the Xbox practically overnight: a bitter pill to swallow if you’d just bought one.

    Contrary to popular belief; the Xbox was by no means a flop, with close to 25 million units sold worldwide. There was still money to be made from the console, but Microsoft chose to consign it to the scrapheap. (By contrast, games and hardware are still being produced for the PlayStation 2 to this day.) We can’t help but wonder whether Microsoft will pull a similar ‘scorched earth’ policy when the Xbox 720 rolls into stores. In other words, the Xbox 360 might be obsolete sooner than we'd like.
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