The 10 most idiotic iPhone apps

The iPhone has plenty of powerful applications--and it also has things like Beer Opener, Passion, and Sexy Girl Talk. Here are our picks for the 10 most idiotic apps around.

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5 Runners-Up

We couldn't possibly fit every dumb iPhone app into a single story, but five others stood out enough to deserve at least a quick mention:

1. [[xref:|SimStapler|SimStapler]]: [[xref:|Milton Waddams|Office Space]] would wet himself over this virtual stapling sensation.

2. [[xref:|Hold On|Hold On]]: See how long you can hold your finger on a button on the screen. A grueling challenge made for the same type of people who'd use FatBurner2k.

3. [[xref:|eShaver|eShaver]]: Feeling a little scruffy at work? eShaver won't help with that, but it will make you look like a moron.

4. [[xref:|Proposal (Will You Marry Me?)|Proposal (Will You Marry Me?)]]: A surefire way to get an immediate rejection.

5. [[xref:|Zips|Zips]]: Drag a virtual zipper-fly up and down to your heart's content. Enjoy it, as with this app in tow, you'll never be performing that action on another human.

Got more dumb apps to add to our list? Make your case in the comments section below. And check out PC World's new [[xref:|interactive App Guide|App Guide]] to search for apps that won't make you want to gauge out your eyes.

Contributing Editor [[xref:|JR Raphael|JR Raphael]] regularly mocks technology at [[xref:|eSarcasm|eSarcasm]], his new geek humor site. You can also catch him on Twitter: [[xref:|@jr_raphael|jr_raphael on Twitter]].

(Serious about iPhone apps but don't have the time or money to check them out for yourself? We've got the answer: [[xref:http://pcworld/appguide/index.html|PC World's iPhone App Guide|PC World's iPhone App Guide]], where we do the work for you.)

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The 10 most idiotic iPhone apps

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