In Pictures: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Elite vs. PS3 Slim

A side-by-side comparison of all three consoles

  • This week, Sony's redesigned PlayStation 3 'Slim' hit store shelves around the country with an RRP of $499. In other words, you now have three similarly priced, high-end consoles to choose from -- the [[artnid:317126|PS3 Slim|Review: PS3 Slim]], the [[artnid:192975|Xbox 360 Elite|Review: Xbox 360 Elite]] and the original [[artnid:183285|PlayStation 3|Review: PlayStation 3]] (while stocks last).

    With nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon, we decided to stack them up against each other (both literally and figuratively) in a side-by-side comparison. (Bear in mind, we are judging each console purely on aethetic value.) To read out verdict, check out the rest of the slideshow.

  • Here they are, positioned vertically. The PS3 Slim is the thin one in the middle (well, duh). From this angle, it's difficult to see the added bulk of the original PS3, but you'll definitely notice it in your living room. The PlayStation 3 measures 325x274x98mm, compared to 305x203x101mm for the Xbox 360 Elite (mind you, the Elite has an external power supply that's roughly the size of a brick). Naturally, the PS3 Slim has them both beat, with dimensions of 290x65x290mm.

  • Here are all three consoles piled precariously together; a console short stack if you will. [Oh dear -- Ed.] As you can see, the PS3 Slim retains all of its predecessor's rear-mounted ports, including Ethernet, HDMI, composite AV and digital optical. The Xbox 360 Elite lacks optical digital, but adds a USB port for wireless networking (unlike both PS3 consoles, the Elite lacks built-in WiFi).

  • Here they are from a different vantage point. The added heft of the 80GB PlayStation 3 is a lot more obvious from this angle. Look at it -- it's fricking huge! The PS3 Slim shares the same curved chassis, which makes it slightly more cumbersome than the Xbox Elite. There's not much in it though.

  • One thing we do prefer about the original PS3 is its premium glossy black paintjob. Granted, it's a bit of a fingerprint magnet, but the matt black finish of the Slim and Elite simply don't match the rest of our home theatre. Still, it's a lot better than the white colour scheme of the [[artnid:171518|Nintento Wii|Review: Nintento Wii]] and [[artnid:150259|Xbox 360|Review: Xbox 360]] -- those guys stick out like sore thumbs.

    So in conclusion, if space is limited in your home theatre set up, go with the PS3 Slim.

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