Turn boring digital photos into awesome Polaroids

Rollip offers an easy way to make your existing digital images look like scanned Polaroids

  • If you want to get clever, you can even upload your real scanned Polaroids to the site so that you can give your Polaroids even more of a Polaroid pimping.(Photo Credit: Imogen Stuart)

  • You can even add text in various styles.

  • You can upload your photos 'as is' and just make them look like they are scanned in on Polaroid paper, or you can give them a more authentic look by selecting the soft focus or pale lighting...

  • If you aren't lucky enough to have a real Polaroid camera and a stockpile of film, just upload your photos to [[xref:|]]. It isn't the first Web site of its type, but you don't have to download any software to use it. All you need to do is upload your photo and the save the resulting image. It's very quick and easy.

  • The site has various templates for you to create your own Polaroid-like shots, which you can then put up on Flickr or Facebook to one-up your friends in the artistic stakes. And they end up looking great (even bad photos will look good when given the Polaroid treatment).

  • and vignetting.

  • shifted colour tones...

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