Xbox 360 showcase at the Ivy Penthouse: hands on with DJ Hero

Microsoft unveils the all-new Xbox experience with games, social networking and movies-on-demand

  • Today, Xbox Australia threw a media event at the Ivy Penthouse, Sydney, to showcase the new products and services coming to Xbox Live. We managed to get some hands-on time with Activision's DJ Hero at the event and were suitably spun out by the results. Check out the rest of the slideshow to see the game in action.

  • One of the highlights of the event was Activision's intriguing Guitar Hero spin-off, DJ Hero. For the first time, we were able to get our hands on the game's groovy turntable peripheral.

  • The turntable controller contains a trio of coloured 'stream' buttons, an effects dial and a crossfader. These controls are used in conjunction for mixing, sampling and adding scratch patterns to tracks. As with Guitar Hero, the emphasis is on scoring as many points as possible.

  • The peripheral also boasts a hidden panel that contains a suite of traditional Xbox buttons. This means you don't have to use your Xbox controller once the game has loaded up (something that Lips suffered from).

  • Here's my rather poor attempt at looking pimp-tacular. Sorry. (Note: the real DJ turntable on the left gives a good sense of scale.)

  • Thankfully, Activision has gone to pains to ensure that the game is accessible to turntable novices (i.e. -- pretty much all of us). Players will be able to adjust the complexity of the controls to suit their know-how.

  • It's definitely a step-up from Guitar Hero's plastic offerings, isn't it? With its sleek vinyl finish and smooth rotating wireless deck, it almost feels like a real piece of kit.

  • Hands on with DJ Hero

  • A DJ Hero representative shows the gaming press how it's done.

  • The in-game interface will be familiar to anyone who has played Guitar Hero, with a similar coloured scroll bar.

  • Just like Guitar Hero, DJ Hero will feature a swag of multi-player modes, including co-op and DJ vs. DJ.

  • DJ Hero's tracklist contains over 100 songs, including chart-topping hits from David Bowie, KRS, Beastie Boys, Gorillaz, N.E.R.D and 50 Cent. World renowned DJs will also make cameos in the game, such as Grand Master Flash (AKA Joseph Saddler), pictured here.

  • The background effects are a lot trippier than Guitar Hero's. At one point the camera zoomed in from a bird's-eye-view to an extreme close up of the turntable, with the screen spinning around all the while. We needed to have a sit down.

  • DJ Hero 'DJ & DJ' co-op mode.

  • DJ Hero will be available on 1st October for an RRP of $179.95.

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