Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty single player screenshots

We show you some of the new facets of Starcraft 2’s single player campaign

  • Missions also have cinematic cut-scenes.

  • Between missions, players are presented with an adventure game–style interface; this is the bridge of the battleship Hyperion.

  • The Armory allows upgrades of units, with further units and upgrades unlocked with progression through missions.

  • Tried-and-true units return, with the original balance of gameplay largely maintained.

  • Players can also keep informed on happenings in other areas of the sector by watching news reports, which are influenced by the progression of various missions.

  • When the lava surges, units must retreat to high ground or be destroyed. Zerg swarms inhabit much of the higher ground, making the mission a constant battle.

  • [[artnid:315222|Wings of Liberty|Hands on: Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty]] will be the initial Starcraft 2 game, focusing on Terran forces, while subsequent expansion packs will introduce Protoss and Zerg gameplay.

  • Earlier missions in the game see rival Terran forces battling, with the protagonist Jim Raynor and his men fighting against the larger Terran Dominion and its emperor.

  • The single player game benefits from the addition of rare items that can be traded for unit upgrades, with these Terran forces fighting to secure a Protoss artifact.

  • The [[artnid:315222|Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty single player campaign|Hands on: Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty]] focuses on the Terran forces, with up to 28 missions available for play.

  • The Cantina allows player interaction and the recruitment of high-powered mercenary forces, called into play through the construction of the Mercenary Camp structure.

  • The Protoss are also involved in the battle, with one early mission seeing simultaneous fighting between Protoss, Zerg, and Terran forces.

  • Novel mission types are available, with this mission requiring the harvesting of minerals on a lava planet.

  • Gameplay then moves to fighting against the Zerg, which have infested many planets in a widespread invasion.

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