The 33 best PS3 games - 2009 edition

New, must-play Sony PlayStation 3 games!

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18. Super Stardust HD

Why It's Great: Possibly the most compulsively playable title on Sony's PSN store, [[xref:|Super Stardust HD|Super Stardust HD]] has much in common with [[xref:|Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved|Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved]] on [[xref:|Xbox Live Arcade|Xbox Live Arcade]]. [[xref:|Super Stardust HD|Super Stardust HD]] is a top-down shooter where players twiddle both analog sticks to annihilate overwhelming swarms of enemies. But Super Stardust HD is even more intense than Geometry Wars, as players must destroy gigantic meteors, comets, and other galactic detritus in order to score big points and power-ups. Unlike Geometry Wars, you'll have access to three different weapons (a Rock Crusher for rock asteroids, an Ice Splitter for ice asteroids, and a Gold Melter for Gold asteroids). Thanks to several expansion packs, Super Stardust HD has more modes, more multiplayer, and a more epic feel than Geometry Wars. If you haven't experienced this game, download it immediately!

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