Best tech bargains of the week

Save 15 per cent off TVs at JB Hi-Fi, buy a cheap small business PC or catch a deal on a budget printer

  • HP Deskjet F2235 printer

    Price: $48 (Save $20)

    If your printer is on the fritz and you need to produce off that work report, you're in luck — [[xref:|DSE|DSE Web site: HP Deskjet F2235]] is currently selling the HP Deskjet F2235 printer for only $48. The printer is usually dirt cheap but you can save a further $20 by picking one up within the next few days. It won't reproduce the Mona Lisa with perfect colour accuracy, but for those quick print jobs on the cheap, this bargain-bin printer is all you really need.
  • [[artnid:302876|Belkin N+ Wireless Storage Router (F5D8235au4)|Review: Belkin N+ Wireless Storage Router (F5D8235au4)]]

    Belkin's N+ Wireless Storage Router has maintained its value since it was released in May, and we think it's well worth the money if you're after a new wireless router. We've had no problems with it in the two and a half months we've been using it. No drop-outs, no irregular wireless speeds... it's been nothing but smooth running. The router (as per its name) even lets you plug in an external hard drive and share it over the network (although this feature has some limitations). It comes with a lifetime warranty, which means you'll get a replacement of equal value or better when it finally gives up the ghost.

    [[xref:|Dick Smith Electronics has it for $227]].
  • [[Artnid:273614|Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB external hard drive|Review: Western Digital My Passport for Mac external hard drive]]

    Price: $198 (Save $50)

    Storage is always dropping in price, but [[xref:|DSE|DSE Web site: Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB]] is currently offering one of the best deals on pocket storage: 500GB for only $198. Connectivity is limited to a single USB 2.0 port but it doesn't require extra power. It also offers solid performance for a small drive, so it is faster to get your data on a drive and out of the door.
  • [[artnid:277555|Dell Optiplex 960|Review: Dell Optiplex 960]]

    A good choice for a small business PC is Dell's Optiplex 960, which gives you the option running a quad-core CPU if two cores just aren't enough for what you do. With a quad-core CPU and 4GB of RAM, the 960 can be purchased for around $2500, which is a couple of hundred dollars less than when we reviewed it back in February, and we reviewed it with only 2GB of RAM! Consider the Optiplex 960 if you want a small form factor PC that's capable of running taxing applications, such as photo and design suites.

    You can configure the Optiplex 960 to suit your needs and budget from [[xref:|Dell's Online Store]].
  • [[xref:|15% off TVs at JB Hi-Fi|15% off TVs at JB Hi-Fi]]

    Deals like this don’t come around too often. For the next few days (until Sunday) JB Hi-Fi is offering a flat 15 per cent off its entire range of LCD, LED and plasma televisions. Yep, that includes the [[artnid:311220|new range of Panasonic plasmas|Review: Panasonic TH-P50G10A plasma television]], [[artnid:304879|Samsung’s LED TVs|Review: Samsung UA46B7100 LED television]] as well as regular LCD televisions like [[artnid:310400|Sony’s power-efficient WE5 series|Review: Sony Bravia KDL46WE5]].
  • [[artnid:262449|Nikon D90 digital SLR camera|Review: Nikon D90 digital SLR camera]]

    If you're enthusiastic about your photography, you need to invest in a digital SLR. At the moment there is probably no better deal than a Nikon D90 if you want excellent performance and functionality. It has a 12.3-megapixel sensor and it can also shoot video!

    The body has come down in price to around $1249 (from [[xref:|Discount Digital Photographics]]) and you might also be able to find some well-priced kits with one or two lenses. If you want to buy lenses separately, Discount Digital Photographics has some excellent deals on its [[xref:|Accessories for Nikon Digital SLRs]] page.
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