Revitalising an aging desktop computer on the cheap

Don't trash your tired old desktop PC -- pump it up with a few inexpensive upgrades

  • Next, add more RAM. Shown here: lining up the RAM cards in preparation for sliding them into the carrier one at a time.

  • In addition to getting performance upgrades, a four-year-old PC has been brought up to date with a wireless keyboard and mouse, a TV tuner and a webcam.

  • Next, add new video and audio cards. Shown here: sliding the video card into place.

  • The last step in the basic upgrade is to add a cooling fan.

  • A new hard drive is next. Shown here: sliding the new drive into the cage after the old one has been removed.

  • The first step to any PC upgrade is to open up the case and clear out the accumulated dust and detritus with a can of pressurised air.

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