Bing vs. Google vs. Yahoo: feature smackdown

We compare top features of three search engines-Bing, Google, and Yahoo--in the ultimate search engine battle royale.

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Health Search: Bing, Yahoo, Google

From what I can tell, Bing provides shortcuts to top-notch health resources such as the Mayo Clinic when you search for diabetes, influenza, or other health-related issues. Using the Explorer Pane, you can drill down into symptoms and prevention categories. Yahoo Health search results pull up details on topics such as influenza, plus additional information on symptoms, causes, and treatments. Yahoo Health also lists informational videos related to your search. Google search results for topics such as influenza fetch Wikipedia entries and information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Google's big health strategy has less to do with search and more to do with [[xref:|Google Health|Google Health Beta Service Goes Live]], a program for storing your medical records online, finding doctors, and connecting with online health services.

My favourite: Yahoo

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Bing vs. Google vs. Yahoo: feature smackdown

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