Freeview announces compatible TVs and digital video recorders

Digital television products from LG, Sony, Topfield and Beyonwiz make the list

  • The Topfield TF7050HDRt is a digital television set-top box that has a 500GB hard drive and full Freeview certification.

  • Big name manufacturers like Panasonic, LG, Sharp and Sony were present, with a wide range of Sony televisions on display at the event.

  • The Topfield TBF-7200 is a set-top box aimed at entry-level adopters who want a Freeview-compatible device.

  • The Strong Technologies SRT 5540 was also on display — it is a digital terrestrial television set-top box.

  • Freeview, the television industry body publicising the move to free-to-air digital television, has released information on products it has certified the compatibility of at a launch at Dick Smith in the Sydney CBD on Monday. Freeview is the marketing platform of the currently available digital free-to-air television channels, which will expand to include three channels from each major broadcaster by the end of the year.

  • Online, print and TV Freeview advertising is becoming more common.

  • The much-lauded [[artnid: 264761|TiVo HD set-top box|Review: TiVo HD set-top box]] with Freeview branding was also available to customers.

  • The Topfield TBF-7110 high-definition set-top box is compatible with Freeview Phase 1 according to the product’s Web site.

  • The Beyonwiz FV-L1 (a renamed DP-H1) is one of the first personal video recorders with Freeview branding on the box, and it supports video file formats such as DivX and MKV.

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