12 game heroes who look like villains

GamePro counts down twelve video game heroes that don't quite look the part.

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What he looks like:

Either Torque has engaged in the bloody killing of multiple persons or he very recently fell into a box of those tiny ketchup packets they give away at fast food restaurants. And while the prison uniform, the hefty cache of weaponry, and the mad expression seem to point towards the killing possibility, the lack of sneakers may indicate ketchup-packet box.

Who he really is:

It seems like it would be pretty shitty to be wrongly convicted of murdering your entire family, but what might make that pill a little easier to swallow is if you possessed the ability to transform into some sort of super-monster, capable of wanton violence and destruction toward evil-doers. Fortunately for Torque, he does.

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12 game heroes who look like villains

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