Halo: 5 game genres perfect for the Halo series

Halo, arguably the biggest first-person shooter series around, has already proven that it can also deliver a compelling experience in the real-time strategy genre

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#4: Halo Kart Racing

Similar game(s): Super Mario Kart series

How it plays: Don't scoff. We're serious when we say that a kid-friendly Halo kart-racing game could be a huge hit, and maybe just what the Xbox 360 needs to reach that casual market of gamers. The game would have better graphics than anything on the Nintendo Wii because of the graphical power of the Xbox 360, but it could have all of the essential elements of Mario Kart.

Choosing different Halo characters with tiny bodies and over-inflated bobble heads, including Master Chief, Arbiter, and Cortana--you'd race them against others with powerups littering the tracks such as one that allow you to heat-seek Needle the opponent in front of you, another to Spartan Laser fire in a straight line a la Mario Kart's green turtle shells, and Mac Blast the person in first when you really need to catch up. Halo Kart Racer would even make a sweet Xbox Live Arcade game.

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Halo: 5 game genres perfect for the Halo series

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