April Fools! Australian Web site pranks

Google, YouTube and Australian tech sites play pranks on unsuspecting users.

  • Technology news Web site ZDNet continued the trend, with news of a Packer-Murdoch consortium securing a contract to build the National Broadband Network.

  • Perennial favourites Google introduced a new concept to AFL lovers, with the GPS-enabled, PC-connected gBall revolutionising the game.

  • Technology forum Overclockers Australia went for the simple touch, displaying a 'prohibited content' message and confusing unwary viewers.

  • Broadband news and communication website Whirlpool broke the news of Senator Stephen Conroy’s dismissal from the role of Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

  • Australian video-gaming news website IGN got a scoop on the next GTA game — set in Australia. The 1970s-themed GTA: Harbour City is reportedly under development by Rockstar Bondi.

  • Australian car enthusiast site R31SkylineClub replaced its front page with an Australian Government takedown notice, citing 'promotion of illegal car usage'.

  • Another ZDNet blog proclaimed the death of the much-maligned filter blacklist, with a new filtering list being based on the public’s votes on national television (we'd prefer it, frankly).

  • Video-gaming website Kotaku took a dig at a topic close to its heart — video game censorship. Under the new rules, only games rated PG or under would be available to purchase on Australian shelves.

  • Video-sharing website YouTube tried out a new look, giving users a different perspective on their videos. We actually prefer this new look — it makes the comments easier to ignore.

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