Wolfenstein 3D is back -- and it's on the iPhone!

id Software has brought the classic 3D shooter to the small screen.

  • The game starts just after you have overpowered a guard in your cell. Armed with his gun, you now have to escape from Castle Wolfenstein and stop the Nazis.

  • This screen allows you to control how difficult the game should be to play. The harder difficulty levels have more enemies and they cause more damage.

  • Loading the game up brings you to this screen, which allows you to pick whether you want to keep playing, play a new episode/level or change the controls.

  • You need to kill Hans Grosse to finish episode one. Every episode ends with a boss that you have to dispatch to unlock the final door.

  • You can also sneak around a corner by using the rotation keypad to keep your gun aligned while sliding sideways by tilting the iPhone. This allows you to shoot someone when only a small part of their body is showing.

  • As you walk around a level, it is automatically mapped. This allows you to see where you have been and where you still need to go. It can also be useful to figure out where you can find extra ammo or health items you didn't pick up earlier.

  • You only have a limited number of rounds in your gun. Using them all will leave you to fight battles with only your knife. You can normally find some ammo clips around the levels, or pick them up off dead soldiers.

  • This screen allows you to pick which level you want to play. You can pick any of the standard or boss levels. The levels in green have been completed, and the marks below the level name indicate which levels have been completed with awards (such as all secrets found, or all enemies killed).

  • Guards are the most common enemies you see in the game. When they first see you, they will call out "Achtung" before drawing their guns. These guards are quite weak enemies and have a tendency to shoot badly. You can kill them with a single shot if you are close to them and aiming properly.

  • Wolfenstein 3D is a first-person shooter (FPS) game. The iPhone version has just been made available through the App Store. It's a direct port of the original version released in 1992 that launched the FPS genre. Make sure to check out our full review of the iPhone version.

  • Once guards have decided that you shouldn't be there, they will start running towards you, stopping to fire their guns. The closer they get, the more likely they are to hit you.

  • The SS guards will shout out "Schutzstaffel" when they see you — this is usually a good time to duck back around the corner you came from before they start firing their machine gun. On the plus side, killing this enemy will give you access to his machine gun.

  • There are extra weapons you can pick up in the game such as the machine gun, which has just been picked up in this screen shot.

  • The levels have a number of objects such as plants and suits of armour which you will sometimes fire on accidentally.

  • You can often hide behind doors and corners. This may cause guards to forget that you are there and go back into their guard position, which makes it easier to get them. They are attracted to the sound of gunshots, however, so this trick only works if you stop shooting.

  • The easiest way to kill enemies is by shooting them before they've even noticed you are there.

  • To finish a level, you have to find switch that takes you to the next one.

  • Completing an episode gives you the only high-res graphic in the game. Everything else looks just like it did in the early '90s.

  • Officers are much quicker than standard guards but don't pack as much of a punch as the SS guard with a machine gun.

  • As more and more damage gets inflicted on your character, the mug shot starts looking worse and worse. You can eat food or use health packs to heal yourself.

  • You die when your health gets down to zero. When this happens you start back at the beginning of the level with the revolver again.

  • This screen lets you pick which episode you want to play. Each episode has different themes and enemies.

  • These German Shepherds will come straight for you when they spot you. The easiest way to dispatch them is at a distance, before they can get close enough to bite you. Remember to conserve your ammo when shooting them; you won't get any ammo clips from them.

  • You can see when someone or something is hurting you by checking which side of your mug shot has blood on it. The iPhone also shakes when something is causing you damage.

  • While the game engine used in Wolfenstein 3D is primitive by today's standards, it works quite well on a phone.

  • There are secret rooms on most levels. The easiest way to find them is to figure out where there is a wall with space behind it on the map. You can then follow the wall until you find the secret door.

  • Killing SS guards will let you take their machine guns.

  • Unlike real life, eating dog food in Wolfenstein 3D actually improves your health.

  • This screen lets you select where you want the control keys to be placed, as well as selecting what you want the iPhone tilt to represent. You can pick between rotation and straight movement controls. Keeping the firing command close to your thumb is easiest.

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