Halo Wars strategy: 10 rules to winning in the game

Dominating in Halo Wars is no walk in the park. We fire off ten helpful tips that are guaranteed to make you better at the game.

  • #7: Arc Attack

    Take advantage of opponents who move en masse by attacking their bases in an arc formation. You can spread your forces out in a hurry by using the right trigger to move between unit types and direct them to different places.
  • #6: Elephants

    Marines are slow, even with the adrenaline upgrade, so keep a steady stream of cannon fodder headed to the front lines by hiding a mobile Elephant training facility where the opponent is unlikely to look.
  • #2: Hijacking

    Spartans are ridiculously important to keep an eye on. They're a vital part of any UNSC force, and can convert enemy vehicles; play your cards right and your enemy's greatest asset can become your greatest asset.
  • #4: Save Covenant Leaders

    Covenant leaders need not die in the middle of a miscalculated fight. If you sense death approaching, tap left on the D-pad, select the base teleporter, and summon the poor sap out of harm's way.
  • #3: Avoid Micromanagement

    It can be tempting to constantly redirect your minions' fire, but the more you do so, the more you'll reduce their efficiency. Unless a unit is really out to lunch and hurting, let it make its own decisions once you issue an attack order.
  • #9: Special Attacks

    Remember that most units get a special attack that can boost their effectiveness on demand. Memorise the possibilities. For instance, Warthogs will always be more effective against infantry if you ram through the crowd.
  • Dominating in Halo Wars is no walk in the park. We fire off ten helpful tips that are guaranteed to make you better at the game.
    Want to dominate the competition in Halo Wars every time you pick up the controller? Here are 10 tips to help you become a better general.
  • #10: Build Order

    Starting out on the right foot is important. If you're playing as the UNSC, immediately build a supply pad, reactor, and barracks. If you're taking control of the Covenant, crank out a warehouse, temple, and hall. Once the reactor or temple is done, upgrade your supply pad or warehouse, and then start building your army.
  • #1: Communication

    Communication is absolutely vital in team-based multiplayer matches, and pick-up groups who can't be bothered will find they get mopped up in short order. To aid comms, get in the habit of always viewing the action so your compass faces north, so you can offer and interpret directional cues in a hurry. Also, speak up if you botch your resource management-somebody on your side might be willing to send a crate or two your way for the good of the team.
  • #5: Explore Early and Often

    Do your best to keep a Warthog or Ghost circling around the map to reveal crates and enemy staging grounds. Even if you lose every one you send out on patrol, the intelligence and resource benefits are usually worth it.
  • #8: Group Creation

    Don't march your entire army all over the map. Use the right trigger and radius selection to move units into distinct and balanced groups, and then send them to different places. Once they're apart, they'll be easier to select in a hurry with the right bumper.
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