11 cool tech products at DEMO

Touch-screen computers, iPhone apps, and wireless cameras that stream video to the Web are on display at DEMO 09, the launchpad for emerging technology.

  • Home-Account, a Web-based mortgage buying subscription service, is nothing if not timely. “Think of it as a for mortgages: The service grades and analyzes the homeowners and their mortgage, presents scenarios to improve their mortgage and then pinpoints the best realistic mortgage option in the market,” DEMO says.

  • Bigger than an iPhone but smaller than a notebook computer, the Touch Book offers both a keyboard and touch screen interface for typing e-mails, viewing Office documents and watching videos and playing games.

  • Blogging is made easier with Gagapost, which lets bloggers use PCs or handheld devices to create posts and give friends the opportunity to contribute to their posts. Another blogging platform normally wouldn't be noteworthy, but this one integrates community and content, making an individual post the central point of a social network, DEMO says.

  • If you're an IT pro, you know the drill: Your mom, best friend or vague acquaintance has a computer problem and wants you to solve it. Symantec's Project Guru will save time by letting you provide IT support remotely to family and friends through a Web-based console, rather than by phone or in person.

  • A voice-to-text SMS application for the iPhone, ShoutOUT takes your spoken words, transcribes them and sends them to intended recipients as text messages.

  • Finding good deals on electronics products you want is made easier with, which lets you specify what you're looking for and then receive info on the best local sales in your inbox, RSS or Twitter feeds. Ignore the spam and instead use Gazaro to control how and when you get notified about sales and new products.

  • A Web-based remote control that lets you manage your online identity, connects your social networks, applications and information, letting you access all your sites, networks, passwords and messages in one place.

  • This $20 plug-in for Microsoft Outlook makes organizing contacts easier by searching through e-mails and saving contact information to your Outlook address book. Gwabbit grabs contact info from anywhere in an e-mail, including signature files.

  • Personalize your content with Ensembli, which collects and indexes RSS feeds from across the Web, and then applies "patented personalization algorithms" that present each user with news results tailored to his or her tastes. Ensembli hopes to offer an improved experience over today’s search engines, feed readers and aggregators.

  • Some of the technology world's most promising companies will debut their products at DEMO this week. Take a look at 11 cool new products.

  • With 175 million users, Facebook is ubiquitous, so it's to be expected that people are looking for new ways of making money off it. Z-Commerce, which exposes an online billing and payment system to the Facebook API, is billed as a non-advertising-way for Facebook developers to monetize their applications.

  • Easily create a network of small, battery-powered wireless cameras and stream video directly to the Internet from anywhere in your home or business. Ideal for consumers, Vue doesn’t require network configuration or special software.

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