iPhone-controlled car to demo at Geneva Motor Show

Stylish, speedy and sexy -- it's everything a concept car is meant to be

  • Stylish, speedy and sexy -- it's everything a concept car is meant to be. But the iChange isn't your run of the mill prototype car. Swiss automobile design house Rinspeed will unveil a concept electric car controlled by an iPhone at next week's Geneva Motor Show.

  • There are two configurations of lithium ion battery, one with fewer batteries for less weight and shorter driving; and another heavier configuration for longer distances.

  • Even if you usually travel alone, the vehicle's space never changes. The aerodynamics of the vehicle and, therefore, its fuel consumption are constantly tied to this fixed number of passengers. But not the iChange, in its basic configuration it is a single-seater. But at the push of a button, the rear of the roof pops up to provide room for two extra passengers.

  • The iChange intended to revolutionise the way people think of cars. That's a tall order, but then this car comes with some unique features. For a start, you don't need a key, the car is started and stopped by an iPhone. A big green button powers up an electric engine that sits at the heart of the vehicle. And you can use the iPhone for control of other things, like the lights.

  • At the heart of the car sits a 150 kilowatt Siemens-built electric motor that provides the enough power to take the car from 0 to 100 kph in 4.2 seconds.

  • But perhaps most revolutionary is the the way it adapts to the number of passengers. Most cars are designed to carry a fixed number people and seats, and the entire vehicle is based around this.

  • Designer Frank Rinderknecht, who came up with the iChange, is well-known in his native Switzerland for creating interesting concept cars. Last year it was the "sQuba," a sports car that can drive underwater, that he unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The cars he designs typically never make it to market so don't go looking for the iChange at a car dealership anytime soon.

  • The state of the art 3D navigation system doesn't just calculate the quickest way to get to your destination, but the most eco-friendly route.

  • The Harman/Kardon audio system is based on a low-power Intel processor so it uses less energy and weighs less than standard systems.

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