HTC updates Touch Diamond and Touch Pro smartphones

First pictures of the new HTC Touch Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2 mobile phones reveal significant facelifts

  • The Touch Diamond has undergone a redesign, with the Touch Diamond2 looking more attractive and easier to use. Most notable is the new display, which has been stretched to 3.2in with an 800x480 resolution, though it still falls short of the Touch HD. The phone has received some respectable upgrades, including a 5-megapixel camera (though no flash), GPS and a microSD card slot. HTC has included a dedicated zoom slider on the bottom of the touch screen as well.

  • On paper, the Touch Pro2 is a solid device. HTC continues to employ Windows Mobile 6.1 on the device with the company's proprietary TouchFLO 3D interface. HTC claims the interface has undergone several improvements to make it more responsive. The phone has a 3.6in touch screen with a resolution of 800x480, and it operates over HSDPA. GPS, Wi-Fi and a 3.2-megapixel camera round out the phone.

  • HTC has made significant improvements to software on the Touch Diamond2 as well. Refinements to the company's proprietary TouchFLO 3D interface improve the touch screen's responsiveness, while general tweaks make the phone easier to use. Conversations, for instance, can be grouped by contact as well as medium, allowing you to see all the phone calls, SMS messages and e-mails you have sent and received from a particular person on the one screen.

  • It seems HTC has rethought the word "Pro" when it comes to the Touch Pro2. Rather than simply being a rebadged Touch Diamond with a slide-out keyboard, the Touch Pro2 has undergone some radical changes. This encompasses everything from a more spacious keyboard to HTC's Straight Talk technology, which integrates dual microphones, a large speakerphone and technology that cancels out background noise. Conference calling on the Touch Pro2 is also easier, allowing you to book conference call appointments into the phone; the Touch Pro2 automatically cues the call at the appointed time.

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