New Sony Handycam range unveiled

Nine new camcorders were revealed at Wednesday's Sony Sessions media event. Here's a look at what you can expect to see in the coming months.

  • DCR-SX60
    For the extra cash, users can snap up the DCR-SX60 which expands internal memory to 16GB, for a maximum recording time of 11 hours. The camera retains the 60x optical zoom and support for Sony's DVDirect Express DVD writer.
  • HDR-XR100
    At the bottom of Sony's premium Handycam range, the HDR-XR100 retains the Full HD resolution and 4Mp stills capabilities of its flash-based counterpart, but introduces an 80GB hard drive and 5.1 channel surround sound capability to make those family memories somewhat cinematic.
  • DCR-SR67
    For that little bit extra, users can improve on the DCR-SR47's sound capability, with the DCR-SR67 offering an integrated zoom microphone and the Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator for clearer surround sound. If that isn't enough, the internal memory is boosted to 80GB for even longer recording times.
  • HDR-XR500V
    A $500 price hike seems a little steep in the upgrade from the HDR-XR200V, but the more expensive model does add some incentive. The Exmor R CMOS sensor harmonises with Sony's new G lens for even clearer and crisper HD footage. Users can capture 12Mp still images. The camcorder also has a headphone jack and microphone input.
  • DCR-SX40
    At the bottom of the revamped range is a flash-based Handycam. The camera has 4GB of internal memory and supports Memory Sticks for additional storage. A 60x optical zoom should help users get a clear image of their target, and the camera supports Sony's DVDirect Express accessory so video can be directly burned to DVD. Users also can upload footage directly to YouTube for easy video sharing.
  • HDR-XR520V
    At the very top of the range, and demanding a premium price, the HDR-XR520V offers users a huge 240GB hard drive for the longest recording time in the Sony line-up.
  • DCR-SR47
    The DCR-SR47 boasts the same 60x optical zoom as its cheaper counterparts. The camcorder adds a 60GB hard drive for extended recording times (complemented by a Memory Stick slot), and it is compatible with Sony's DVDirect Express DVD Writer.
  • HDR-XR200V
    The HDR-XR200V also has a 4Mp stills mode and surround-sound capabilities, as well as an Exmor R CMOS, offering a clearer picture quality in low light. This feature is well complemented by the addition of Optical Active SteadyShot, countering the effect of shaking. The Handycam also adds a GPS receiver, allowing users to geotag their pictures and videos, and a hard drive capacity of 120GB.
  • b>HDR-CX100
    Making the jump to HD (and $1000+ price tags) is the HDR-CX100. The Handycam offers 8GB of flash-based internal memory as well as Memory Stick compatibility, and can capture video at a resolution of 1920x1080i. The camera can also take 4-megapixel images.

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