What's new in Internet Explorer 8 RC1?

Microsoft is readying the final release of its browser Internet Explorer 8. Here are images of IE release candidate 1 along with descriptions of the features

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IE8 RC1: The Speed

Microsoft claims IE8 RC1 offers improved performance, with pages opening and loading "faster than ever." Engineers supposedly studied the Net's 25 most popular pages and based the updated IE8 loading formula on what worked best for those sites. They say that JavaScript is only a small part of the equation when it comes to load time and that this method provides a superior overall solution to a JavaScript-centric approach.
In a completely nonscientific observation, IE8's speed is a noticeable improvement from that of previous versions. For the first time, IE now seemed to load pages at a speed comparable (at least roughly) to Firefox 3.0.5. With that being said, Chrome and Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 -- both of which feature next-generation JavaScript engines -- seemed to load pages more quickly during my casual trials.
On the whole, my impression is that IE8 RC1 brings Microsoft closer to its competitors in speed. It's still, however, not fully caught up.

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What's new in Internet Explorer 8 RC1?

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