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You have all of the best gadgets on the block, so why shouldn't your pet be equally tech-savvy? We've rounded up the coolest and weirdest innovations in technology for pets, from the useful to the absurd.

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Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Owners will attest: Cats almost always prefer to drink out of a dripping faucet rather than from their water bowl. This inclination isn't simply quirky behaviour; feral by nature, cats are drawn by instinct to the sound of falling water. Thankfully, a vet recognized this and invented the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. Available in four models--Original ($50), Platinum ($70), Big-Dog ($75), and 360 ($65; shown above)--the Drinkwell Pet Fountain provides a free-falling stream of water that continuously filtrates and aerates, keeping it much fresher than a stagnant bowl of water. (Something that's great for dogs, too, of course.)
Many cats don't get nearly as much water as they need, so the Drinkwell Pet Fountain is a good investment. Not only will it increase hydration and health, but it will also discourage your cat from jumping on the counter in search of a leaky faucet.

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Tech for your pets

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