10 great Christmas gifts for tight budgets

Here are some great sub-$100 gift ideas for technology enthusiasts.

  • TDK BT-100

    TDK’s BT-100 is a great gift for any music lover with a mobile phone. The device quickly and easily connects to any mobile with Bluetooth and streams music to headphones of the user’s choosing. It is a great option for any handset with a proprietary headphone connection or for anyone who simply wants the relative freedom of semi-wireless earphones.
  • We get it — Christmas is a hard time financially. Given the global financial crisis, Christmas this year is even tougher than usual. However, we've managed to find some great sub-$100 gift ideas for technology lovers.

    Activision Guitar Hero: On Tour$89.95
    The ultimate gift for the gamer on the move, Guitar Hero: On Tour unleashes the virtual guitar experience from the living room and onto your DS. Combining the touch-screen capability of the DS with the unique gameplay aspects afforded by the Guitar Grip, players can rock it out wherever they are. The best thing about this game is that it will suit almost any age bracket, provided they have a DS or DS Lite. Just make sure they don’t have a DSi because it won’t work.

  • Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router (WRT54G2)

    For the odd home that still hasn’t joined the Wi-Fi craze, this is a great way to enter the 21st century. Don’t expect the quickest speeds or longest range. However, it is easy to set up and use, even for the technically inept. This router is a great idea for a home with multiple computers, though the 802.11g bandwidth isn’t really enough for streaming media.
  • Creative HQ-1900

    If you are like some of us, earphones just don’t cut it for portable sound. Of course, headphones aren't the best fashion accessory for the style-conscious commuter but these Creative headphones provide a decent alternative to earphones, combining a slim design with decent sound quality to get that friend or relative through the drudgery of daily tasks.
  • TDK iCubic

    Suited to the plugged-in teen, the iCUBIC is a quirky alarm clock replacement designed for use with the iPod. It's style is minimalist and, unsurprisingly, it's white. There is an additional line-in plug for use with other MP3 players, so it will suit even those recipients who don’t have the Apple player. Don’t expect brilliant sound quality, but it will allow your friend or loved one to escape the dread of morning radio and wake up to something worth listening to.
  • Apple iPod Shuffle

    If in doubt, an iPod is always a good choice. If the nano is too far out of the reach of your wallet, the Shuffle is an excellent substitute. Devoid of a screen but packing the necessary features, the Shuffle is a great and inexpensive gift, and should induce excitement (or at least feigned excitement) from any recipient.
  • Emprex M883U Falcon Professional Laser Gaming Mouse

    Yes, it’s a mouse for Christmas. It won’t excite everyone but the avid gamer who is looking for that extra boost. For gamers, the Emprex does a good job for a reasonable price. It's great for that nephew who spends his spare time playing Counter Strike or Left 4 Dead.
  • Creative TravelSound i80

    Though they have been around for a while, portable iPod speakers are still on the expensive side of technology. Creative’s TravelSound i80 changes that with an affordable, battery-powered iPod speaker with a clever, diminutive design. The device is built with the third-generation iPod nano in mind but it will easily fit other iterations of the nano series, making this a great gift for any owner of the MP3 player.
  • Nokia 2630

    For that friend or relative who always seems to be losing their phone, the Nokia 2630 is cheap, slim and boasts decent functionality. With Bluetooth, FM radio and a VGA camera, the phone beats similarly priced competitors and will get your gift recipient through the day without wanting to throw their phone to the ground. It isn’t a powerhouse, but who needs one when it is going for just $79?
  • Edifier M3200

    Speakers are always useful, whether they’re coupled to a PC or hooked up to a CD player blasting your favourite Christmas tunes (... or maybe not). Giving Edifier’s low-level offering to one of your friends this Christmas may just give them that sound they need for the holidays.
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