Intel's Core i7 Sydney media briefing

Fast CPUs and booze.

  • Intel celebrated the launch of the Core i7 at a party in Sydney's Cruise bar. Intel boasted about releasing the fastest CPU on the planet, and provided some real-time demonstrations of video encoding and physics processing, with the Core i7 leaving the Core 2 Duo in its wake.

  • Perhaps not the best PC cases to use in a room full of drinking journos.

  • Scorptec also showcased its own Core i7 creation with an air cooler and some fiery lighting.

  • As night fell, the case lights came into their own.

  • They cost a lot, but if you've got the gaming desire, and some spare dosh, these latest high-end beasts will definitely give you bragging rights among the gamerati.

  • A side-by-side setup was used to compare the Core i7 to the Core 2 Duo; most people there were intrigued by the open-air Antec cases showcasing the systems' gizzards.

  • And here are the afore-mentioned drinking journos. Many of who were in good form for a Tuesday and drank well into the night.

  • Altech's NRG, liquid-cooled, overclocked Core i7-based PC was on show, and it looked marvellous. The Altech guys know a thing or two about building a fast and neat-looking system.

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