The Bentley In-Car Audio Experience By Naim

Is it possible to get a cinema experience inside a car?

  • The Naim speakers used range from 25mm tweeters to 80mm and 130mm midrange drivers all the way to 200mm subwoofer drivers, which are mounted in the cars' rear footwells.

  • The DSP program adjusts the stereo's equaliser in incremental levels for every 1km/h speed change. The system also makes minute adjustments in Bentley's convertible models based on whether the roof is up or down.

  • Bentley's in-car audio systems are designed by boutique speaker manufacturer Naim and are touted as "the world's best" automotive audio experience. We can't exactly test these claims, but we can show you a bit of the technology behind the scenes.

  • Naim ran acoustic tests on each Bentley model, in order to determine the best speaker configuration and layout. This ensures that there's no overlapping between speakers, so sound produced is consistent and interference-free.

  • Naim has designed the audio setup with the aim of creating an identical experience to the involving sound of a high-end home hi-fi system.

  • You probably won't have heard of Naim unless you're a hard-core audiophile. It is a British brand that hand-makes all of its speaker components.

  • Bentley describes the systems as "the world's best". While other marques pack more speakers into their cars, Bentley was the first to pioneer a combination of digital signal processing that reacts to the car's speed.

  • The entire system is powered by a single 1100 Watt, 13.2 channel amplifier designed from the ground up by Naim. It's full of densely packed components but no moving parts in order to reduce digital interference.

  • Bentley's Continental model gets a hefty 15 speakers, while the Arnage, Azure and Brooklands variations are filled with 11 speakers each.

  • Eight discrete modes are offered by the Naim DSP system: from a main "audiophile" setting to "driver-optimised", "rear-optimised", "balanced", "digital media", "spoken word", "classic' and "enhanced".

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