Logitech's new audio products

Earlier this week, Logitech announced four new audio products. We show you what they are and what they’ll do.

  • As well as playing music from your iPod the Pure-Fi AnyTime has a digital AM/FM radio and will retail before Christmas for $229.95.

  • It has a few nifty features like a motion-sensitive backlight, ensuring you’ll only be disturbed by the back-lit alarm buttons when you need them.

  • Logitech’s Pure-Fi Express is a larger unit that features a similar omnidirectional acoustic system to the Z5 speakers. It can run on either AC or battery power and will retail for $179.95.

  • The Super.Fi 5 canalphones can reproduce a frequency range of between 15 and 15000 Hertz, with a sound pressure level of 115dB. They’ll be available before Christmas at a suggested retail price of $329.95.

  • This means you’ll be able to move around the room freely while still listening to music clearly and accurately. The Z5 speakers will be available in November for $199.95.

  • Instead of having a single set of directional drivers, the Z5 speakers have both forward- and backward-firing speaker drivers to create a wider, more consistent ‘sweet spot’.

  • Logitech’s Z5 speakers are a striking departure from the earlier Z4 units in terms of both styling and harmonics. With a minimalist, fabric-wrapped exterior they’re designed to complement modern decor.

  • The Pure-Fi AnyTime premium alarm clock is designed to be placed on a night-stand or bedside table, working with the latest model iPhone as well as older iPod models.

  • Also now owned by Logitech, boutique audio company Ultimate Ears is releasing its Super.Fi 5 in-ear canalphones. The advantage of in-ear canalphones is high levels of passive acoustic noise cancellation — up to 26dB.

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