Top tech-o-lanterns from around the Web

The greatest geeky gourds

  • Old-school Cylon-o-lantern
  • Pac-Man-o-lanterns
    Source: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
  • Space Invader
    Source: Chiral
  • Woot-flavored pumpkin
  • The great RSS pumpkin, Charlie Brown
    From Hil's opml blog: "A bit of nonsense for Halloween."
  • The Hewlit Pumputer
  • XML pumpkin
    This entry comes from "dretblog" -- Erik Wilde's Web and Information Architecture Musings. In his blog, Erik noted he had other coded-pumpkin ideas brewing: "We briefly discussed creating an isomorphic JSON pumpkin, but then dropped the idea because the curly braces would have stretched our carving skills too far."
  • Pump-ubuntu-kin patch
  • A slice of pumpkin Pi
    Source: Student
  • Emot-o-lantern: Smiley
    Source: Case Screensaver
  • Darth-o-lantern
    Speaking of Darth Vader, we had to throw this one in from Geeks of Doom's Pumpkin o' Doom.
  • Happy Halloween...O RLY?
    Our favorite sarcastic Snowy Owl is honored here. For those not in the Internet-know, the phrase "O RLY?" is typically used in a sardonic manner, often in response to a statement that the speaker feels is obvious, or blatantly false and/or self-contradictory. Often "O RLY?" is used in response to a lengthy or overly detailed post. Like this slideshow?
  • IE fright light
    Source: MIT
  • The Death Star
    Okay, this entry is not technically techie and more geeky -- but come on, this just rocks. And I dare any true techie out there who hasn't gone tricker-treating as Darth Vader.
  • The Pumpkinator
  • One Firefoxy pumpkin
    Source: The Fox
  • If Scott Fahlman carved a pumpkin
    Carnegie Mellon computer science professor Scott Fahlman, creator of the emoticon, would be honoured by Cooking for Engineers' pumpkin entry.
  • The electro-lantern w/ iPod eyes
    Source: istolethetv's photostream
  • Dwight-o-lantern
    Source: NBC
  • Cool pumpkin, you have
    Source: Student
  • We've scoured the Web to find the best geeky gourds carved up by true techies. Take a look and then share your favourite tech-o-lanterns.

  • Emot-o-lantern: The Pump-wink-in
    Source: Cooking for Engineers
  • Bobomb-o-lanterns
    A gamer-geek entry for all you Super Mario Brother fans out there.
  • Test Center Tracker: Trick or Treat?
  • R2-D2
    Source: The
  • Behold the original pumputer
    This pumpkin PC used a Dell Latitude D410 motherboard. Unfortunately, the source site from University of Arkansas has been taken down -- especially a bummer as it had a step-by-step guide on how to make your own pumputer.
  • Truly super Mario-lanterns
    Source: Netorama
  • A linux pumputer
    Source: RemoveIT blog
  • Microsoft CEO or Young Frankenstein?
    From Geek Culture: "Steve Ballmer O'Lantern...whoa, the stuff that nightmares are made of!"
  • Napoleon Pumpkin
    Source: Student
  • Powering on the pumputer
  • Drupal-kin
    Source: Tim Jon
  • Microsoft Worm Pumpkin
  • Jack-o-Linux or Pumplinux?
    Source: MIT
  • A Mac-powered pumputer
  • "DOS" a nice pumpkin
    Source: MIT
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