Expensive toys for your iPod

If you have a little extra cash, why not jazz up your iPod experience with these top of the line docking stations.

  • Next comes the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin, a dock for those who want something with both style and substance. Its rounded zeppelin-like design is extremely eye catching and the overall audio experience is pleasing, making this a smooth albeit expensive music solution.

  • Looking for a way to get more from your iPod? There are an increasing array of products on the market these days with iPod docks built into them and today we take a look at a couple of the most expensive.

    First up is the most expensive iPod dock we’ve ever seen, the Geneva Sound System M. While it lacks a few features such as a USB port or an LCD display, it more than makes up for it in sound quality, producing incredible audio that is sure to blow your mind.

  • Finally for something a little different we have the less flexible solution. Panasonic’s SC-B T105 is a home theatre system with a built-in iPod dock. Allowing you to easily pump music from your iPod through your home theatre setup, this system also comes with a built-in Blu-ray player to future-proof your entire system.

  • Then there is the option for those who want to easily take their music on the road. Featuring an incredibly sturdy arching handle, the Harmon Kardon Go + Play is perfect for those park BBQs and days at the beach. With the ability to run off C batteries it will run fine even away from power and the audio is once again nothing to sneer at.

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