The 8 hottest TGS booth babes!

The Tokyo Game Show spectacle.

  • 3. D3
    This one pretty much speaks for itself. Skin, check. Hot boots, check. Washboard abs...well, you get the picture.
  • 8. EA
    Sorry, EA. You get points for style, but this is the biggest game show in the world. Perhaps a little too reserved for the crazy spectacle. You're lucky Mirror's Edge was looking so hot.
  • 5. Microsoft
    Not a bad showing for the Xbox 360. Interesting use of accessories, and nice job on the revealing tops. I guess you need some reason for Japanese gamers to hit the 360 booth, eh? (Actually, the 360 has been doing better in Japan, recently beating out the PS3 in hardware sales)
  • 2. Tecmo
    The king of skin doesn't let us down this year. The ladies of Tecmo's booth came dressed in a combination of club attire and bedroom gear. The red nighty over the top really seals the deal.
  • 7. Sony
    An A for class....and a D for skimpiness. And these ladies weren't easy to find. They were only present at a small part of Sony's massive booth, hovering around the sexy new PSP 3000.
  • E3 may be shunning booth babes, but there were plenty on the floor of TGS. Find the 8 hottest here!
    Games, games, games. The Tokyo Game Show is gaming heaven. But unlike the new E3, TGS is still a spectacle. Booming music, flashing lights...and booth babes everywhere you look. Scantily clad ladies are banned from E3, but the Japanese still know how to pair up their games with a little something extra on the side. I cruised the show floor and hit all the major booths, and here's who came out on top.

  • 4. Hudson
    Definitely style points here. The collarless tie is a nice touch, and gotta love the short leather get-ups. I like that they didn't confine to one outfit, and the black/white contrast is a nice touch.
  • 1. Capcom
    The surprise winner this year? Capcom, hands down. I think these pictures pretty much speak for themselves.
  • 6. Konami
    Eh, classy, but where's the flare? I guess it's hard to take the attention away from Silent Hill and Metal Gear. And that hideous collar really isn't doing it for me.
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