Airport art? Or asking for it?

More examples of Evan Roth's "X-ray" art, which he intends to be a silent protest of overly intrusive airport security.

  • Needs no explanation ... in any language.

  • Might get a smile ... more likely to get you dragged out of line.

  • What do you think of Evan Roth's artwork? Playing with fire? Funny? Poignant or daft?

  • There are probably less risky ways of showing your patriotism.

  • Not sure the screeners will know what to make of this one.

  • Evans calls this "the exact opposite of a box cutter."

  • There's no mention of removing shoes in there.

  • Techno-artist Evan Roth has a message for the US Transportation Safety Administration -- several messages, actually -- about what he considers excessive airport security "theatre" ... and he has chosen an intentionally provocative method of delivery: the TSA's own X-ray screening machines. Let's take a look.

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