Chrome secrets: Dig into Google's new browser

A handful of tips and tweaks to get the most out of Chrome

  • Using the Google Chrome Options dialog, you can tell Chrome to start up by reopening all the tabs you had open when you last closed the browser.

  • Type about:crash into the Omnibox to crash the current tab and make the "sad tab" icon appear. (Yes, it really says "Aw, snap!")

  • With a little bit of hacking, you can change your Google Chrome theme to something with a bit more personality, like this Red Sox theme.

  • Type about:dns into the Omnibox to find information about Chrome's DNS use.

  • Configuring Firefox's Open in Chrome add-on lets you launch any page in Chrome from directly within Firefox.

  • Type about:network into the Omnibox to get information about Chrome's Internet or network use.

  • You can pause and resume downloads from Chrome's Downloads page, as well as do other tasks, such as open downloaded files.

  • Type about:memory into the Omnibox, and you'll get detailed information about Chrome's memory use.

  • "Bookmarklets" are little JavaScript applets that you store as a bookmark. Two bookmarklets have done their work here: One blocks Java, Flash and third-party IFrame ads, and the other lists all the cookies that a Web site places on your PC.
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