In pictures: Heavy Rain

A hotly anticipated thriller

  • Heavy Rain is a hotly anticipated mature thriller featuring a complex plot. The game allows users to shape the storyline and has been described as “an immersive and emotionally-engaging experience”.

  • Heavy Rain

  • The choices players make and the way they interact with other characters have repercussions on the storyline.

  • Heavy Rain

  • Its key themes are mystery, suspense, betrayal and redemption.

  • Heavy Rain is being developed by Quantic Dream and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

  • The game is set for release in late 2009 and will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 console.

  • Decisions made during the game may have drastic and unforseen consequences.

  • The gameplay will be based around story, emotional involvement and the player’s decisions and interactions, rather than high scores, combat and competition.

  • Every action has a consequence.

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