The Tech Industry's 10 Most Annoying Fictional Characters

In this slideshow, we'll examine the very worst fictional characters that marketing departments have unleashed on the general public over the years, ranging from smarmy wireless salesmen to dotcom-promoting sock puppets to annoying graphics of paperclips that SIMPLY REFUSE TO GO AWAY not matter what you do.

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Chad from Alltel: Speaking of smarmy and annoying slacker types, meet Chad, the unbearably annoying flack for Alltel Wireless who answers the timeless question, "What would it be like if Tom Green tried to resurrect his career by recasting himself as a soulless corporate shill?" The bulk of Chad's "shtick" involves him going to the corporate headquarters of rival carriers such as T-Mobile and Verizon and attempting to tell their CEOs how totally awesome Alltel's MyCircle offering is. Predictably, none of the corporate big wigs at the other carriers want to hear Chad recite his PR department's talking points to their face, and Chad is escorted off the premises. While it's somewhat satisfying that Chad continuously fails in his mission to meet with millionaire telecom CEOs, you almost feel like he's getting off too easy by simply being told to leave. It'd be much more enjoyable if, for instance, Sprint ordered their mysterious and menacing trench coat-clad phone salesman to remove Chad from corporate headquarters with "extreme prejudice." You can't have everything in life, I guess.

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The Tech Industry's 10 Most Annoying Fictional Characters

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