The Tech Industry's 10 Most Annoying Fictional Characters

In this slideshow, we'll examine the very worst fictional characters that marketing departments have unleashed on the general public over the years, ranging from smarmy wireless salesmen to dotcom-promoting sock puppets to annoying graphics of paperclips that SIMPLY REFUSE TO GO AWAY not matter what you do.

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The Dell Dude: Rounding out our trio of bothersome young slackers is the Dell Dude, the oft-arrested loser whose sole joy in life seems to be begging people who actually work for a living to buy Dell computers for him and his friends. Why the Dell Dude's parents should bother investing in an expensive piece of machinery for him is something of a mystery, since the Dude doesn't seem to have much ambition other than playing World of Warcraft and searching for illicit products, ahem, illicit products on Google. Demonstrating that there is a sense of justice in the cosmos, it was revealed last year that the Dell Dude is now working as a waiter at a restaurant called Tortilla Flats , where he is constantly asked by customers if he's "that dude from the Dell commercial." At this point, I'm sure the Dude wishes that his 15 minutes of fame hadn't lasted quite so long.

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The Tech Industry's 10 Most Annoying Fictional Characters

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