The Tech Industry's 10 Most Annoying Fictional Characters

In this slideshow, we'll examine the very worst fictional characters that marketing departments have unleashed on the general public over the years, ranging from smarmy wireless salesmen to dotcom-promoting sock puppets to annoying graphics of paperclips that SIMPLY REFUSE TO GO AWAY not matter what you do.

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Clippy: Remember that crazy person you went out on one or two dates with who would keep calling you and calling you even after you made it clear to them that you weren't interested? And remember how you explicitly told them to stop bothering you or you would contact the authorities? And then even after you got a restraining order against them, they still paid private detectives to drive by your house three times a day to see what you were up to? Well, imagine if that person was actually a graphic of a paperclip and was actually 20 times more persistent. Only then could you possibly conceive of the supreme irritation that Microsoft's "Clippy" Office Assistant has caused to Microsoft Word users for years now. Essentially, the stalking graphic popped up whenever you started working on any document in Microsoft Word and asked if you needed help. Even clicking "no" didn't seem to make the little bugger go away for long, and the feature was so widely reviled that a computer science student at Stanford wrote an entire honors thesis explaining why Clippy generated such hate. Eventually, Microsoft got the hint and made Clippy an optional feature that could be activated manually by any masochists and psychopaths who miss his company.

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The Tech Industry's 10 Most Annoying Fictional Characters

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