10 Firefox add-ons for better browsing

If you love Firefox, you'll love these extensions!

  • FireGestures: It's a Wii-like browsing experience for users of FireGestures: Motion the mouse left to go back a page, right to skip ahead, plus customize your own gestures for a quicker browsing experience.

  • Flashblock: Don't like blinky ads with audio that blares at you when you load a Web page? Flashblock kills all Flash objects on a page, allowing you to choose which ones to load.

  • It's All Text!:Feel cramped and penned in by those puny text boxes used for leaving comments on sites? It's All Text! lets you compose and edit your prose in an external editor of choice and then copies the resulting text back into the appropriate text area on the site.

  • If you love Firefox, you'll love these 10 extensions that will make browsing the Web even better, everything from photo viewers to Flash blockers to a Coverflow-like system for your bookmarks.

  • Close'n Forget: A handy little extention that deletes all traces of a site visit (including cookies and URL history) when a browser tab is closed. Nice way to cover up those job search site visits without killing your entire Firefox history and cookie cache.

  • Nuke Anything Enhanced: Get rid of annoying objects and images on a page. An image obscuring the text you want to read? Want to get rid of the superfluous stuff on a page before printing? Nuke it.

  • Cooliris (formerly PicLens): If you like to browse lots of images on the Web, either through a Google image search or a photo site like Flickr, Cooliris is THE tool for you. The add-on lets you fly your way through a wall of photos or create a slideshow of full-screen images. You'll never browse a photo collection the same way again.

  • Read it Later: Want to save an article to read later but don't want to clutter your Firefox or bookmarks? Read it Later creates a temporary area to save articles or sites you want to check back with when you have more time, but will probably only visit once.

  • GooglePreview: Adds thumbnail previews to Google (and Yahoo) search results. No need to click on a result to see what you'll get, a thumbnail is right there next to each result.

  • TinyURL creator: Hate sending loooonnggg URLs in an e-mail, only to see an automatic line break render them nearly useless to the recipient? The TinyURL service can cut your whopping URL down to a scant 25 characters and this add-on lets you do it without leaving your current Web page.

  • Bookmark Previews: Apple fans will like this one: Bookmark Previews acts like Coverflow for your bookmarks - just twirl through them to see previews of each bookmark. They can also be viewed in a thumbnail and tooltip mode.

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