Advanced Overclocking Championship 2008-08-20

Sub-zero computing at its best

  • an entrant from Sweden came second...

  • and fifth place went to Finland.

  • while an entrant from Portugal seized third place.

  • Fourth place was taken by the not-so-camera-shy entrant from Singapore...

  • An entrant from China was the eventual winner of the AOCC…

  • Recently held in Hong Kong's Dragon Centre, the Advanced Overclocking Championship (or AOOC) showcased overclocking talent from 20 countries, and included a team from Australia. The entrants ranged in age from 18-50, which shows that the need for speed isn't limited to young hooligans who run amok at night fragging the crap out of people online.
    The object of the competition to see who can run the coolest and the fastest, and that means setting CPUs to run at sub-zero temperatures. This is not only a test of the CPU, but also of the motherboard and the RAM. In the slide above, you can see an ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe motherboard with a CPU shrouded in liquid nitrogen and running at a below-zero temperature.

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