New PlayStation 3 model -- now with an 80GB hard drive!

The biggest console on the block just got bigger

  • You can also use your PlayStation 3 to play games on. Who would’ve thunk it? The PlayStation 3 80GB will be available in Australia from 28 August for a recommended retail price of $699.

  • Most. Staged. Press shot. Ever.

  • This fellow shares a striking resemblance to pop/folk warbler James Blunt. Instead of buying a PS3, he should have put the money towards radical reconstructive facial surgery.

  • The new 80GB model will replace the previous version, and retail for the same price (RRP: $699). Incidentally, what’s with the suspiciously blank CD in this pic? Is Sony promoting piracy? (Certainly not — IDG legal dep't.)

  • If you buy a PlayStation 3, you too could date a ridiculously attractive blonde with a keen interest in gaming. (Even if you look like James Blunt.)

  • Equipped with a Blu-ray player, you too could watch HD rom coms with attractive life-partners.

  • If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the woman in this picture appears to have three knees. WTF??

  • Not only does the new PS3 model offer increased storage, but it also ships with a DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller with built-in rumble feedback. (Previous PS3 controllers lacked this function.) This adds an added level of immersion to gameplay.

  • Next week, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia will release its new PlayStation 3 (PS3) 80GB model in retail stores nationwide. The new model will replace the current 40GB version and comes bundled with a DUALSHOCK 3 Controller. For a glimpse at the new hardware (and a crop of hilarious ‘lifestyle’ shots), check out the following slideshow.

  • This deliriously happy chap is watching a Blu-ray movie on his PS3. Unfortunately, the console doesn’t appear to be plugged in.

  • Here is the new PlayStation 3 in all its dark, shimmering glory. As you can see, it looks rather a lot like the old one. The only marked difference is its inbuilt hard drive — which has leapt from 40GB to 80GB, giving you double the storage.

  • It has become customary for videogame manufacturers to carpet-bomb the public with a swathe of glossy ‘lifestyle’ press shots. We’re not sure when this phenomenon began, but for sheer kitsch value, we love it. Without any further ado, let’s cynically rip them apart.

  • Along with terrifying rictus smiles and female arm-candy, pillows are an essential component of all lifestyle press shots. (Amusingly, the bloke in the background appears more interested in his magazine than his mate’s PS3.)

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