In pictures: Nikon’s new compact range

Something for everyone

  • Meanwhile the CoolPix S610’s claim to fame is its ultra fast 0.7 second start-up time, which Nikon claims is the fastest in the world in its class. Its other features include a 3in screen, a 10-megapixel sensor and a 28mm wide-angle lens.

  • If megapixels are your game however, you’ll probably want to look into the CoolPix S710. Featuring a gigantic 14.5 megapixels this is one of the highest-resolution compact cameras on the market

  • Delivering a bevy of improvements such as faster operating times and incredible megapixel counts, Nikon’s new compact camera range is sure to turn some heads.
    First off is the stylish CoolPix S60. It has the trademark wave-like design seen on past Nikon units, and also packs in a 3.5in touch-screen display that should make navigation a breeze.

  • Next up is the CoolPix S560. With a 10-megapixel sensor and a 5x optical zoom backed up by optical vibration reduction, this is a no fuss camera for entry-level users. It also features one of the smallest bodies in its class, making it ideal to slip into your pocket.

  • Following a trend seen in past Nikon models like the S52 and S52c, the CoolPix S610c is the same camera as the S610 but it also packs in Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows users easy and quick access to Nikon’s Picturetown service so they can move and categorise files on the fly, provided they’re near a wireless access point.

  • More advanced photographers are not left out either with the CoolPix P6000 joining the show. While not quite as impressive as the S710’s resolution, the P6000 captures shots at a whopping 13.5-megapixels and sports manual features as well as a 28mm wide-angle lens.

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